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Cinco de Mayo parade, San Francisco

August 9th, 2002

She's Due Too
Warm, warm. Yes it is. Warm today, into the hundreds across the hills to the east, in the high 80's here (seemed warmer, seems warmer now) with the humidity higher than an old Norse Americano likes. Not New York weather, of course. Nothing too east coast or southern or middle American about our weather, you understand, just hotter than hell for a Bay Area Californian. So much for complaining. It's Friday and I'm alive. It's a good place to start.

I see Polly has crossed the finish line. Welcome Kai. I assume Kai is a pseudonym like Polly, but that makes sense in a world where it's often best to keep a low profile and one or two alternate identities tucked under your mattress, just in case you need to make a break for the Chunnel. I'm not sure you can get out through the airports anymore. But these are negative thoughts and this is a time to celebrate and welcome the new youngster. I suspect we may hear less from Polly over time, if that's possible, but I hope she continues with the photography. A girl needs her baby pictures (and her Nikon). Nice going Polly. Nice going Kai. Now, when am I going to get an email announcing the birth my own cousin's daughter's first child? She's due too.

The photograph was taken at a San Francisco Cinco de Mayo parade.