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Pioneer Square, Portland

August 13th, 2002

Not Sure Why
Rumors flying around the office things will come to a head by end of day Friday. Curious to see if I still have a job. Not sure what this says about the general economy, but I can't say I (we) haven't been warned. I would go on, but what's to say I haven't already said? Too much gossip and not enough instinct for survival: shut your trap and search out another job. But I won't. And I don't. The fits and conceits of a child.

Saw my sister, brother in law and nephew last Saturday, driving up to Napa to meet them at the house of mutual friends we haven't seen for a long time. I mentioned them in the journal when I learned they'd been in an automobile accident from which it has taken them these last two years to recover, Brenda having had her last corrective surgery in July. Life is not only short, it can get shorter in a second. No complaints, but in looking for my entries on the accident (I really must get a naming scheme in place for my entries that relates title to content, since I never was able to find my entries on the accident.), I notice how many describe brushes with death and trauma. I don't want to read or write about any more death and trauma, thank you. Not here. Not for a while.

Anyway, sister. Met sister. There's an interesting story there about why they were passing through Napa and I'll probably blab it out, but not today, not tonight, having a whole lot of trouble just getting this down. Even had trouble finding the picture.

Don't much like what I've read of my writing these last few days, either, now that I'm complaining about getting things down. Something wrong with the rhythm. Something wrong with the words. Something wrong with the focus. Something wrong with the brain, no doubt, probably why I gave it up the last time I gave it up.

I did finish Haruki Murakami's A Wild Sheep Chase over the weekend, though. When's the last time I finished a book? Liked it. He evidently wrote Norwegian Wood, a book that sold four million copies in Japan when it was released and made him something of a cult hero. I'd never heard of it, of course, not reading many Japanese novels in the 90's, but I'd never heard of Banana Yoshimoto either, and her latest book had a big review in last Sunday's Chronicle. Banana seems better known than I realized. So I ordered their most recent books along with A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius recommended to me by my friend in Napa. I was wondering about the title, one of those turns out to be really good or really bad gambles. MRW says really good. Good. I'm up for really good.

Difficult writing tonight. Not sure why.

The photograph was taken in Pioneer Square in Portland.