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Here In Oakland

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April 13, 2016

For Their Win

Wednesday. To sleep at a decent hour to then awaken at six-thirty feeling reasonably coherent while getting ready to head out to breakfast. Seemed warm enough (looking out from inside the apartment) and so a long sleeved shirt and a light summer jacket (wind breaker) to walk to breakfast on a clear sun coming up morning.

Passed by a two car accident in front of the Grand Lake theater, not sure how or from what directions the two cars that collided were coming from, but took a couple of snapshots because, with camera in hand, how could I not?

Home now, having finished yesterday's entry, a utilities truck and a jack hammer going full tilt just out in front of the building for audio accompaniment. There's been a awful lot of street repair and building going on in this Oakland neighborhood, if it were spread out through the whole town we'd have to bring in half the construction workers in the state.

And how many is that?

A lot.

Later. An automated call from the pharmacy saying my prescription reorder had been filled. Good. Forgot I'd ordered it over the phone yesterday and so a walk to the pharmacy to pick it up and then go on by the ATM before having a yogurt mix in a plastic glass with coffee at the bagel place. Out at a table, of course.

Home now having walked by the telephone pole the workers had been breaking cement around earlier, they and their truck now finished with whatever it was they'd done with their cables, a small patch of cement drying at the base of the pole. I'd wondered, as I was setting out, if the unusual problem with a slow Internet had to do with whatever it was they were doing? Could be, the Internet is still slow as to be unusable right now after they're finished.

Eleven-thirty and all the tasks of the day are done. They were painting this as I was waiting for the bus after photographing Latham Square yesterday morning. Wonder what the subject is? I thought Bernie Saunders for a moment until I realized those are probably headphones the guy is wearing. An urge to go downtown later and see. But we'll probably fight it.

Later still. The Internet speed seems to have returned. Interesting to experience even this brief period when it was essentially unavailable. No white knuckles or anything, but some thought as to what I was going to do this morning without it. Further clean the apartment? That could be a plus.

So far no urges to go downtown and check out that mural.

Evening. Finished processing yesterday's Latham Square pictures and put together another section, posting it to the web sites while listening to the PBS News Hour.

Nothing I wanted to follow on Charlie Rose at eight and so to bed and dial into an AM radio station carrying the Warriors game. I haven't followed basketball in decades if I've ever really followed it at all. Baseball and then football have been my games, but basketball not so much. Still, this, the last game to set the record, is worth a listen.

Lights out after learning Curry has set the three point record at four hundred and two. Good for him and good for the home team Warriors for their win.

The photo up top was taken walking along Grand to breakfast this morning across from the Grand Lake theater with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.