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April 12, 2016

Make It So

Tuesday. Lights out by ten to awaken at six twenty-five to get up and get out the door to breakfast on another overcast morning, the temperature reasonable and my attitude reasonably good. I wasn't fighting any of the get up, get out the door or the walk to breakfast, anyway. So good. A decent Tuesday.

Later. A bus to Latham Square carrying the camera in a backpack, having read a recent news story about a English tourist who was knifed (and killed) recently in San Francisco near a BART station I've been to and through many times in the past with a camera.

Of course the tourist fought the thief who was trying to steal his shoulder bag, not something I'd do if someone were after the camera (the cameras are expensive, but none worth getting upset or hit/stabbed/killed over). The story seems to have jolted me enough to use the backpack on the way to the Square, even though the area I'd be carrying it through is pretty much safe during daylight hours.

Anyway, took the Latham Square pictures and walked up Broadway to catch the bus home. Thought about getting something to eat at the burger drive-in, but not hungry enough to do anything about it.

Haven't touched the pictures yet, but spent the time watching one or two things on the tablet, futzing with my various news sites on the web, taking another dose of the pain meds to ease the sinuses - not that far out of line, but out of line enough to see if the meds would help - and got a call with the results of yesterday's blood thinner test.

Today's results were the same as the results from the one taken two weeks ago when the number was judged to be low, the blood right at the line of being too thick, so take an additional half dose right now, an additional half dose tomorrow morning and then an additional half dose in one week's time before getting the next blood test done on the 25th.

It's now approaching two in the afternoon, a first time glimpse of the sun just now, the temperature in the sixties and they're still saying the weekend will be clear. Here's hoping the (Cherry Blossom Parade) weekend will be clear.

Later still. Filed the taxes online and cleared the desk, clearing the desk being the greater task. Feels good seeing the desk surface again.

Evening. Watched some of the first half of Charlie Rose at eight, another of the interminable discussions of the primaries, the focus on the Republican side. For some reason I continue to follow these with interest. Some interest.

To bed after Charlie Rose and lights out before ten. Been a decent day, although there was a second dose of the pain meds involved (if not required) to make it so.

The photo up top was taken walking home along Grand from breakfast this morning across from the Grand Lake theater with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.