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Here In Oakland

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April 14, 2016

At Change

Thursday. Lights out at ten to awaken not long after six. Too early, but so what? Up to walk to breakfast on another sun coming up behind the hills morning after what must have been some rain last night. Nice day, good breakfast.

We need to take another set of Latham Square pictures later and satisfy my curiosity about that mural they were painting on Tuesday so we'll get our act together and do it. Do them.

Later. Posted yesterday's entry and, with no thought of taking a nap or any other such delaying tactic, headed downtown to Latham Square where I found the Broadway-Telegraph construction area empty, but still took the usual walk through and set of photographs. There was a crew working on the other side of Broadway and, since I'm assuming it's part of the Latham Square operation, I can't say the project was completely deserted of workers. Just close to deserted.

Not much progress on the mural, the painters futzing with their equipment as I was waiting for the bus, but a picture none the less. Debated getting something to eat at the drive-in on the way home, but decided against it, downloaded today's pictures and then avoided processing them in favor of watching some of the usual tablet stuff.

Not so bad this day. A second dose of the pain meds thinking, if I could knock the sinuses back a bit, I'd feel pretty much what I would have considered, in the years before that operation, normal, days when I didn't hide inside the apartment and took the occasional drink. Haven't missed taking that occasional drink. Odd to be saying that.

New unexplored territory.

Every day was new and unexplored territory, it just took me a half a dozen decades to notice it.

Evening. Ah, yes. The Democratic debate. Listened to it, I did. Enough pain for an evening: necessary, but enough. No real flubs on either side, the issues between them decently debated if you listened closely enough.

The New York primary on Tuesday doesn't allow Independents to vote for a Democratic candidate the way we can here in California and so votes like mine won't be counted and I suspect Clinton will carry the state. By how much I have no idea, but the people who calculate the probabilities of such outcomes are right in saying Ms. Clinton is the likely candidate. Sad to say as a neocon I am not.

Such is life.

Indeed. And, as we once would say in days now gone: have another drink, my friend, it's going to be a very long day before we get another chance at change.

The photo up top was taken walking along Grand to breakfast this morning across from the Grand Lake theater with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.