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April 7, 2016

I'd Guess

Thursday. Asleep after ten to awaken at six-forty thinking my but it's warm inside the apartment compared to other recent mornings and so up and out the door in a long sleeved shirt and a light summer jacket for what turned out to be a quite comfortable walk to breakfast. Spring is here? Why not? The days do fly by.

Got to the dining room to find a guy in his thirties sitting at the table behind mine, the only other diner on the restaurant side of the café, talking on his smart phone and following along on his laptop discussing a set of web sites with what was obviously a client. Less fun to read the papers with someone by your ear in a solo phone conversation. Didn't say anything, didn't mention it to my waitress when I left, although the guy hadn't ordered coffee or breakfast.

And so the day has started less well?

No, can't say that. His monologue lasting close to an hour wasn't all that distracting for some reason, and, although I thought about a response, decided it best to let it slide. Why be the cranky old man in the interaction? We'll see if he shows up again tomorrow, something I'd say is unlikely, and let it go at that. It was irritating enough for me to mention it here, but not irritating enough for more than that.

It is overcast, the weather people are saying it will be cooler through the weekend, with some slight chance of rain, one last storm of the season possible next week. We can use the rain. It was warmer still on the walk back home, the mood good (really) and the day just starting. There's stuff going on this weekend, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown, so there's light in the tunnel ahead.

Later. Checked the phone app, two minutes before the next downtown bus, but out the door without particular hurry to see if I might beat it to the stop. Had it arrived thirty seconds sooner I would have missed it and so I was obviously supposed to get on the bus and pick up some non-prescription stuff I needed downtown.

Not due to take pictures at Latham Square until tomorrow (every other work day, the weekends don't count) and so picked up what I needed and walked back to the stop across from Latham Square, taking the bus home when it arrived. Good. Task of the day now done.

Otherwise what? A walk to the morning café in the afternoon around two to have a cinnamon bun and coffee out at one of their sidewalk tables, another photograph of the pandorea flowers facing the sidewalk and now home to listen to the news at two-thirty in the afternoon. Hadn't thought to go by the morning café, but it's getting harder and harder to talk myself out the door until I get outside and then drawing, the morning café turned out to be the short card.

The short card?

As good a way to say it as any.

Say what?

Evening. I did put together another Latham Square section and posted it to the web sites. Watched this and that on the tablet and then listened to Democracy Now play again on television, although I'd listened to much of it this morning getting ready for breakfast.

Watched Charlie Rose reveal his mainstream media side when he interviewed Bernie Sanders at eight for all of about five minutes and decided enough was enough and went to bed. My evening sequence of activities seem every bit as set in stone as my morning sequence, just not quite as interesting. Something to think about, if not do something about, I'd guess.

The photo up top was taken of the pandorea flowers on the one remaining vine this morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.