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April 8, 2016

My Age

Friday. Lights out at ten, awake at six, up and out the door to breakfast somewhat early on a grey and overcast morning.

Things were a little slow when I got home, deciding to lie down for a while after finishing futzing around with yesterday's entry. Due to take another set of pictures at Latham Square today and so we'll undoubtedly head out the door and do it, but I'm fighting the idea right now. Maybe lie down again beforehand.

Later. Tired and such, but out the door and onto the bus to walk through Latham Square for another set of pictures, finishing up in plenty of time to walk up Broadway and catch the bus opposite the Paramount theater, not that that means anything in the scheme of things. Still overcast, just a hint of moisture in the air and so came prepared (a plastic bag, just in case, for the camera), but so far, this early in the afternoon, no sign of rain.

Feel better. The sinuses and upper palate are still aching with what I've been describing as a kind of “head cold” feeling which is, I'm afraid, its normal state. I have no idea if the pain meds I take in the mornings have an effect or not, but I'm finding I'm taking a second optional dose more often lately in the afternoons. Makes for a more solitary reality, this sinus living a bubble existence.

Better than a number of other issues you see many people are dealing with on a day by day basis.

Indeed. We've always lived more inside our head than out there in the real world, however you might describe the real world. It's gotten to the point I'm finding it's mostly there to provide opportunities for pictures. Not altogether bad, reality as a prop, but a bit constricting.

We're wandering here.

Wandering to fewer and fewer places.

Later still. A better afternoon. Another dose of the pain meds may have helped, but again, it's hard to be sure. Watched this and that on the tablet and processed today's Latham Square pictures, posting another section to the web sites to bring them current.

Evening. Listened to Democracy Now while finishing up the the photographs and web sections, but forgetting to check this evening's PBS schedule. Seems all three stations have finally finished their fund raising and they're back to their usual fare, a New Tricks at seven followed by a Detective George Gently at eight.

The Gently was an episode I'd seen before, had started watching once or twice before, and found back whenever that I really didn't like it. Earlier, just going between stations, I'd stumbled upon the New Tricks episode, one I hadn't seen before, fifteen minutes after it had started and made out what I could of the plot through the English accents. You'd think I'd be getting better at that. The accents.

Could be the audio quality on your television set. Or your ears.

Or the bats in the belfry. Harder to tell at my age.

The photo up top was taken at the 2015 Saint Stupid's Day Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.