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Here In Oakland

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April 6, 2016

The Evening

Wednesday. Lights out again by ten to awaken at six-twenty to get up and head out the door to breakfast, the morning clear, the sun still behind the local hills in the distance. An eighty-three degree high yesterday, they're saying higher to day. Hey. So maybe get our walking in early. Yesterday we said we needed to walk the lake or some other place to get back into some kind of shooting shape and then didn't follow through. No surprise, I suppose, but true.

A look at the final totals on yesterday's Wisconsin primary. I noticed all the morning papers talked about Cruz “hammering” Trump and Sanders “winning” over Clinton when the totals themselves show Sander's margin over Clinton was slightly larger than Cruz's margin over Trump. Well, you look for these things, I guess. Main stream press biases favoring one candidate over another.

The Cruz margin was wider last night when the papers ran into their deadlines.

I suppose. The whole thing is still like a science fiction movie, though. The Republicans with Trump, certainly, less so with Sanders versus Clinton. The times and the electorate have changed and Washington hasn't been off in their own little world sleeping.

Now, now.

Later. A bus downtown to Latham Square. Shouldn't have worn a light jacket over the long sleeved shirt. Probably better to have just worn the t-shirt as it was getting quite warm by late morning. The usual round of pictures, the fence having been pulled in again to enclose an ever smaller area. Done by the end of the month?

A bus back to the apartment. They were having an event of some kind at the Avévista apartment complex and a Channel 5 news van was parked across the street, I'm assuming there to cover the event. A celebratory gathering for its completion? I haven't seen much activity and I've been assuming, given the fact they stopped construction last month, the thing has been finished and people have moved in, just, you know, when I wasn't looking. But maybe not.


Just curious. After taking all those pictures, you pay attention. The thing was built, after all, to house people.

Later still. Processed pictures, listened to the news on television, listened to one of the Law and Order programs, skipped another. Back to processing today's pictures.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now to start the evening, decided I'd seen the Death In Paradise episode more than once in the past and passed to watch the first discussion on Charlie Rose (about Donald Trump, who else?) instead and then to bed. The “to bed” part the better part of the evening.

The photo up top was taken walking by the Grand Fare market on the way home from breakfast, this morning, with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.