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April 3, 2016

Seem To Be

Sunday. Another grey overcast morning with the sun later in the day, but a decent night's sleep, awakening at quarter after six, but not turning on the radio and stirring until six-thirty, the target time we're looking to meet. No dragging of heels, up easily enough to shave, dress, put the Sunday papers together (separating out the ads for the trash) and a drive to the usual café. Good. The Chronicle Sunday pink section was missing, for some reason, but life can go on without reading the weekly horoscope. I'd think.

Home to edit yesterday's entry. I note more inexplicable errors, page links I for some reason didn't catch until I'd posted, earlier edits not quite completed and, in reading them, not making any sense. You clean them up and assume you've gotten all of them, but what was happening at the time they were written and later reviewed? I talk about memory glitches without really being worried about them, they don't really get in the way, but.... Ah, well. Sunday morning, nothing on the plate, but a nice day.

Later. Out the door in a light jacket over a long sleeved shirt. They're saying warm without it being all that warm today, but heading into a much warmer week. Not good for the drought, but not bad for walking around outside. Something about rain coming after the warm period, so we can enjoy the sun and skip any guilt.

Anyway, a lack of motivation turned into an interesting walk over by the lake, stopping to look at a flowering tree I'd looked at yesterday to see how many bees I might find. Found but one yesterday, but they were all over the tree today and so maybe our bee population hasn't quite given up on their run. As a species.

A group of dancers were working out at the white column pergola and so one or two pictures. I wondered if they were part of the Capoeira group, but wasn't quite sure until I looked at the pictures more closely on the computer. Capoeira out of Brazil. Whatever it is, they're at it most weekends.

On to Lakeshore where I figured, once I found myself there, what the hell and went on to the ATM (hadn't thought of doing that, but there I was, and it will save a trip tomorrow). Crossed Lakeshore to the bagel shop and had one of their yogurt cups (various berries and granola like stuff mixed together) and coffee out at one of the tables.

And yes, I passed the ice cream shop on the way (ice cream and bagels with cream cheese are still ocular migraine suspects) and by the lake again on the way home.

Evening. Hmm. An Elementary at six, remembering it at six-fifteen. Doesn't seem all that important. Improbable plot (to say the least), but I still watch, arriving late and missing the beginning or not.

Otherwise that's pretty much been the afternoon and now evening. Nothing on television, one or two things on the tablet I won't admit to watching, let alone liking, to bed again by nine. At least there are one or two things going on out there tomorrow for pictures.

Getting antsy, are we?

We do seem to be.

The photo up top was taken as I passed by a small group of Capoeira dancers at Lake Merritt this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.