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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


April 4, 2016

The World

Monday. Lights out again at ten, awake at six-thirty or close enough to call it six-thirty, off to walk to breakfast on another low lying clouds morning. They're saying sun again later with really warm temperatures for the period on Wednesday. So good, one would guess on this day with another week ahead.

A demonstration out in front of the Tribune building later at eleven and so I'll go by and see what it looks like. The Oakland Tribune is folding itself together with three other local area papers owned by Digital First Media and will be published starting tomorrow as the East Bay Times. In the process twenty percent of the editorial staff has been laid off. I know at least one of their reporters, haven't heard if he's one of the group who've gotten the ax.

Later. A fairly decent outing looking back on it. A ten o'clock bus to Latham Square to take the usual set of pictures, the site showing quite a bit of progress in these last few days, finishing up the pictures with plenty of time left to walk to the Tribune building and wait on whatever may happen today at eleven.

A cup of coffee at Tia Maria, a café on the corner across the street, this the first time I've been in the place since it opened. A cup of coffee for $4.25. A good cup of coffee, black, smooth, no rough edges and you can spend a similar amount at Starbucks, of course, but it seemed a bit steep. I was impressed by the way they brewed each cup individually and there were plenty of people drinking the stuff at their inside tables, but again, prices in Oakland are jumping the shark.

Sat at one of their sidewalk tables so I could watch for people as they showed up for the demonstration and nobody showed up. Not by eleven. Not by ten after eleven.

OK, a walk on by the building they're finishing on Broadway at 22nd. I like the circular top and wanted a picture. On then to Grand and a couple of pictures of the work crews that have been blocking traffic while laying pipe and whatever these last couple of months. For a country that's not spending enough money on infrastructure, they're not holding back in the downtown areas of Oakland.

And the outlying areas of Oakland? How are they doing?

As you'd suspect.

A walk the rest of the way home to arrive before noon. A good outing. Lots of walking with more to come when I pick up another prescription refill this afternoon. Now, however, we need to lie down and, um, allow the body to reconstruct.

Later still. OK, we're not getting enough exercise. A walk to Walgreen's for that prescription refill, a distance of a mile and a half and it, on top of the three or so miles walked earlier this morning, have wiped me out, more so than they should. So more walking. Starting tomorrow.

Evening. Tiredness and the whatever other minor aches and pains are now gone, the “tiredness” more the problem. We'll see what we do about the more walking bit tomorrow, maybe take up walking the lake again. A few of us walked it during noon hours at the old company, probably a good idea to do it again. Three miles, but at a decent pace, should do some good.

Listened to Democracy Now to start the evening, checked out Charlie Rose later at eight, listening to them discuss Donald Trump and the Spiders From Mars for half an hour. Not sure what I learned, other than life in these many states and territories of ours can be really weird for those of us who've seen very little of the world outside.

The photo up top was taken at Latham Square this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.