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Here In Oakland

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April 2, 2016

Everything Else

Saturday. One thing about having an ocular migraine early in an evening, it knocks you right out and so, when you awaken at six-thirty, you've at least had a good night's sleep. Feeling OK, in other words, and so up and out the door to breakfast on another overcast morning that's going to evolve into a sunny day. Feel pretty good, although I noted my editing session didn't catch a particularly egregious section of crap in yesterday's entry before I posted and had to go back and clean it up. So, clear headed? Maybe not so much.

Later. Sunny and so a walk over along the lake and then on to the farmers market where I had a waffle square with whipped cream on top. Can't eat ice cream, can't eat chocolate or cream cheese, so we'll hope whipped cream isn't going to somehow join the forbidden list. Without waffles I'm not sure breakfast would be possible.

Didn't tarry at the market, but walked on past the theater and around to the French pastry shop. There was a line at the counter and so I (what else?) went immediately into my “I'm not waiting in line” routine, deciding I didn't need more sugar for at least another hour and so we'll head straight home. Coffee at the café by the fitness club? Lots of people out on the sidewalks, a cup of coffee at a sidewalk table couldn't hurt was the thinking, walking straight on by.

Home to download and process the pictures from the walk before taking a bath. Been a while since I've taken a bath. Embarrassing to admit, but we don't seem to pick up all that much dust. Baths are nice, they're relaxing, a good way to listen to the bedroom radio playing through the open doors, but I still seem to avoid them. They are nice, yet I procrastinate as often as I do with everything else.

The drought, my man. We're sacrificing for the drought!

Indeed. Suffering for our fellow citizens. Worthy of a gold star.

Again, nice day, sunny, not overly warm, the head in the usual bubble, the sinuses aching. The bubble and the sinuses make for less than adventuresome walks adding a certain vulnerability to the surroundings. Not sure it's going to get any better, but I'm wondering if it is indeed the fowled up operation that got into the air passages or a portent of more to come? Just musing, you understand, but new territory and the only way to know is with the passage of time.

Evening. Some time on the guitar, the usual not enough time, but a run through one or two of the old lessons while watching the PBS weekend news. Watched another episode of Elementary I don't remember having seen before. I'm thinking I haven't seen it before, but I'm not certain. Yes, a little disconcerting along with everything else.

The photo up top was taken while walking along Lake Merritt on the way home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.