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April 1, 2016


Friday. Lights out indeed by ten, we left the Netflix series that absorbed most of yesterday's attention in limbo, although a resolutions seemed in the offing. We'll leave resolutions for later this afternoon, we have a dental exam scheduled now at eleven.

Awakened briefly at six, but then went right back to sleep to awaken then at six-thirty, which is good. There's always the thought, when I awaken early, that, if I allow myself to go back to sleep, I'll oversleep well beyond seven. So what? Even today, with the late morning dental appointment, it wouldn't have been a problem, getting to breakfast a little later in the day isn't a big deal. Must remember that.

Overcast this morning, but, as with yesterday and the morning before, a clear sky in patches returning from breakfast. The picture up top was taken on the way home. I'm sure they've finished the apartment house, tenants have moved in after all, but something left to finish or repair? Anyway, interesting, and so a picture.

Later. Arrived at the dentist's too early of course, but then I almost always arrive too early with my “must show up on time” fetish. Took a brief walk in the local area to kill time before returning to the dentist's office and the teeth cleaning. No cavities, two of the crowns do however need watching, but otherwise we're good until October.

The drive to the dentist was easy enough, although I did go through my “do I really want to do this” routine before setting out. I guess this isn't going to go away. Still, bright sun, traffic, but not a whole lot of traffic. I no longer get out on the highway much and so just hear about the almost daily traffic jams on news broadcasts. It's more than just the rents around here that have gone crazy.

And yes, home, feeling tired, I took up where I'd left off yesterday and watched the final episodes of Red Rock, the series I talked about watching yesterday. I'm not sure there are any sympathetic characters in the series. Every character (and there are a lot of them) is bent/deranged/just plain stupid to some degree with perhaps one or two out of twelve possibly balanced. Still, it has me watching, so unsympathetic seems to work in drawing my kind into an audience.

My kind?

It is an April Fool's Day, remember.

Evening. My pontificating about eating an ice cream bar without a problem seems to have been but hot air. Another fairly intense ocular incident developed in the early evening and, when I tuned into the New Tricks episode at seven, the story line rapidly morphed into something really bizarre, even spilling into and incorporating the living room. I figured out finally what was happening and went to bed, awakening two hours later to brush the teeth (the migraine lasts about thirty minutes) and turned out the lights again.

Was it the ice cream bar? The ice cream and its chocolate coating? Those were the only two I consumed today on the “to be avoided” list. Easy to make mistakes on such as this without outside guidance. The fact I've gone off the meds my old cardiologist prescribed for the migraines, canceled by the new cardiologist because he wasn't clear on why they'd been prescribed in the first place? Does he know anything about ocular migraines? We'll see. They're disconcerting enough that even I will follow through and find out. I will. Really.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland 2016 Running Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.