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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


April 24, 2015


Friday. I did watch Elementary last night on the tablet and thus turned out the lights after eleven. No excuses, no rationale for staying up that late, just went with the deed and did it. Still, right to sleep and then awakening fifteen minutes before the alarm, so up and out the door to breakfast. No problems really, just another morning reading the papers and then back home to start the laundry. We needed to start the laundry and for some reason didn't fight it.

Otherwise looks as if it will be a sunny day, a Friday, so maybe head downtown for lunch, see if anything's up in Oakland. The How Weird Street Faire on Sunday, so there's something to look forward to photograph over the weekend, it usually produces interesting pictures. One thing about living in the bay area for street photographers: there's lots of streets and plenty of people to fill them.

The second two loads of clothes are now running, the first two in the drier, it will take the rest of the morning for them to finish, but then the day is open.

Later. A bit tired, but not able to sleep once the laundry was done and the bed had been made, so a walk over to the construction site to take the usual pictures, thinking maybe I'd then go downtown to have lunch in the City Center, but instead decided to walk to the morning restaurant to have a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich (potato salad and lemonade). Turned out to be too much to eat, actually, probably should have skipped it altogether and done something about lunch later. Ah, well.

The laundry is finished, easy enough once I'd started, everything folded, hung and done but the socks and they'll be taken care of later. The laundry routine. The socks are always taken care of later. A bit mind numbing, routine, but at least you can count on it.

Otherwise a slow afternoon, a bath listening to the PBS News Hour playing on the bedroom radio. Watched the beginning of a movie on the tablet I'm pretty sure I've see before, but can't remember how it evolves and then resolved. Watched it in the last year? Two years? You'd think you'd remember, but I really don't with this one.

Evening. A New Tricks I've seen before, the first episode of a two part series, the second episode playing next week and I can't remember how this one evolves and is finally resolved either. For the best, I guess, as long as it confines itself to movies and television. No guarantees, though, but we'll know as the years pass, if there are enough years in the coming years to know.

The photo up top was taken at the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.