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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


April 25, 2015


Saturday. I did watch New Tricks last night, playing along on the guitar. For some of the hour. Then stayed up and watched Dalziel & Pasco for some strange reason, getting to bed before ten, but then watching something else on the tablet leading to getting to sleep after eleven.

Still, a reasonably decent night's sleep, but then wide awake at six, half an hour before the alarm. Clear headed and out the door to walk to breakfast feeling just fine, thank you, the morning overcast after what appeared to have been showers last night. Not that will dent this drought, you understand, but rain enough to wet spots on sidewalks and streets.

Anyway, breakfast, a walk home, again noting how clear headed and alive to the point of being surprised, maybe it will come back and bite later, but a day like today (so far) makes us think of days back when.

That big a difference?

More like “onward, but without the fog”.

Later. No thoughts or urges to attempt a nap so a bus downtown to the ATM on Broadway, take care of going by an ATM before heading to San Francisco for the How Weird Street Faire tomorrow, walking on to have a bagel with cream cheese at the bagel shop, just a few people and so plenty of tables available outside.

Didn't want to wait on the bus going back at the 14th Street stop, so walked over to 10th and Broadway to eat up waiting time, thinking I'd catch the bus where it starts its route only to run into a Cosplay convention of some kind going on in the convention center. I poked my head inside, but decided I didn't need to stay and settled on a picture or two of the participants I'd run into out on the sidewalk.

For all this clear headed talk you didn't seem to have the gumption/energy to stay with it and take pictures, the opportunity just plopping down into your lap. Kismet and all that.

Perhaps more energy than gumption.

Or bullshit.

I'm familiar to some degree with Anime and Cosplay, the origins in Japan, the Tokyo Harajuku fashion district and the photographs I've taken at J-Pop and of the Anime characters at the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade, but otherwise I know little more than that. With what I've been seeing of the ever larger participation in some of these events and now this thing popping up at the Oakland convention center, I'm wondering if it's growing. My, my. Much to photograph.

Flaking out on the Cosplay convention I took the bus home, deciding to check out the crowd I'd seen assembling over by the lake when I was setting out, to find people passing out sandwiches to participants in something called the Summer Search Believe 5 K and so taking one or two pictures. Still felt/feel pretty good, clear headed, but enough for the day and so back to the apartment, check if the Amazon packages that were due had arrived. They hadn't.

Evening. A good hour or so watching a couple of things on the tablet, still working on The Good Wife (season 3), but watching in segments. All that internalized tension and back stabbing puts me on edge. Like the writing, though, and that's enough. More than enough.

The photo up top was taken at the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.