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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


April 23, 2015


Thursday. OK. A good night's sleep, no counting of hours, just lights out and then awakening twenty minutes before the alarm was set to sound. Felt good, as I often feel good, even after one of what I call a “less good” night's rest. What's the difference? Why even comment? I seem to be content to sit here and write these in the mornings, day in and day out, but without thought to anyone who might actually try to read them as once was the case when I was much younger. What happened?

Your brain is fried.

Ah. I see. Doesn't seem to affect me much. I still sit here on schedule, deep in routine, cranking this stuff out as if it had meaning.

Not everyone who knits, paints or takes pictures enthralls an audience with their scarves, watercolors or pictures of their kids. You understand.

A kind of freedom, in other words? Freedom from self awareness?

A benefit of inhabiting a house without mirrors, no angst over seeing the thoughts of others, as you slowly sink into the vast bubbling bath of advancing age.

We do keep returning to that age bit.

Later. The new crane was packed and gone (along with the construction site crane it was delivered to remove) when I walked to breakfast this morning and so a walk over to the construction site to see what I could find. Should have realized it would have been useful to walk over again later yesterday in the afternoon to see if they were continuing on and removing it then. Still, they assembled the new crane, removed the old crane, disassembled the both of them and carted them off in but a day. So pictures.

Otherwise not much happening. Some time lying on the bed watching the usual stuff on the tablet, the daily journey reading through the list of news sites on the web with the 24 hour television French news station droning on in the background. Some thought to go downtown for lunch, but not enough thought to get me on a bus. A not unusual day.

Later still. A couple of more sections put together of March apartment house construction site photographs. They're not all that entertaining and, I was noticing as I was selecting them, I haven't been all that careful in their choice or sequence. Won't go back to make corrections, but maybe have a little talk with ourself for the future as I'll probably put more together tomorrow. Other things are coming up to photograph this weekend.

Evening. Actually did some reading this evening instead of spending time on the tablet. No damage to the psyche I can see from the experience, maybe we can increase the dose, not to a level where it once was, but any progress would be to the good and appreciated.

The photo up top was taken at the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.