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April 22, 2014

Sure I Could
Tuesday. I did get to bed reasonably early last night, although I'm noticing I'm having trouble by the next morning being clear on when it really was. Not sure if that's good. It does come back, mostly, but not immediately and often I have to let it roll around on its own in the background for a while before I'm clear. Ah, well. No other particularly disturbing signs, so I guess we're still up and running albeit a bit slower.

A decent session on guitar yesterday, the week having gone reasonably well, so why was I happy to get an email this morning asking to put the lesson off until tomorrow? It does make the day's schedule a little easier this sunny morning, but when is that not always the case? The radio and the web weather reports talk about high temperatures reaching the mid sixties. On a day with the sun so bright, so early? I guess we'll see.

Later. And so a walk over to the construction site to take a picture, not all that many workers this morning, half a dozen or so, but making progress. Says the neophyte observer over here on the sidelines.

Back to the apartment to change lenses on the camera and then head out again, this time to Lakeshore and the ice cream shop. I debated first taking a nap before I left and now, back from both the ice cream shop and the morning restaurant (a cup of coffee out in the sun at one of their tables), I wish I'd begun with the nap. Tired. Not fuzzy headed tired so much as just, well, tired.

A couple of pictures of Hank playing out in the lake on the way back just because I really can't pass him by without taking one, otherwise the morning is done (and I am done until I've had that nap).

Later still. An hour to lie down and drift off to wherever without quite getting to sleep, enough time anyway to rejuvenate and arise from the dead feeling pretty good. Which is good.

Redid two or three of the Cherry Blossom photographs. I hadn't handled the contrast as well I liked for the first few I put through, but we learn, we learn. A little embarrassing to have been doing this for so long now and still not able to get the adjustments right. We drift, we do. On one day, off the next. Ah, well.

The news droning on in the background, time now to get to the guitar, get ready for tomorrow's rescheduled lesson. Felt good, it did, getting a one day reprieve. Some things don't change, some things maybe never will.

Evening. Nothing on television. An hour's program on PBS, A Fierce Green Fire, a brief history of the environmental movement that started at nine. Democracy Now devoted much of their news hour to a review of the program to whet the appetite.

Another good late afternoon and evening, once I got that “nap” out of the way. Now if I could just begin to reliably get into bed at nine, before nine, I'm sure I could....

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.