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April 23, 2014

Then To Sleep
Wednesday. To bed again before ten, up with the alarm, off to breakfast without breaking stride. Well, that sounds a little too energetic: off to breakfast on a sunny morning, going to be a sunny day, the guitar lesson coming up at ten.

Later. A bus downtown, a cup of coffee to wait in a café for the lesson to start, downstairs to the studio to then scramble to get through this week's lesson. I say scramble both in the playing (it was a bit faster than I could manage causing fingering problems) and in keeping the head straight. Which is often the case at my lessons. This chord, that chord; this sequence, that sequence: they seem to confuse. They do confuse for reasons obvious and opaque. We wonder about the opaque.

Back home to head out with a long lens on the camera to photograph what I could find on the construction site, more activity than yesterday was obvious. Moving earth, spreading rock, doing whatever it is they need to do to get this thing built. Not sure why it's so snagged my interest, but it has.

Over then to the lake to find Hank along the boom near the fountain. He seems to favor this area in the mornings. Perhaps they feed him in the afternoons over in the sanctuary area, not sure. Still, makes the short dogleg to the lake worthwhile.

Home now that it's noon and I've finished futzing with this morning's pictures. What to eat? Where to go? I'm hungry, but again can think of nothing that would get me out the door other than just getting out the door and ending up wherever. Seems to work, this just setting out, but it's odd too, not something I experienced in my callow youth.

I take it you're not gaining weight with all this can't eat talk?

Still a pound or so over one fifty-five. Seems to hold and then slip a little lower all on its own, nothing seems to knock it off course.

There are many ways to fix that.

You'd think.

Later still. I managed to convince myself to go nowhere. A walk out the door and over by the construction site to talk briefly with one of the crew. The total project will take from one and a half to two years to complete and there was quite a bit of work left just to prepare the foundation.

Evidently there's going to be a parking basement and so a huge quantity of earth will have to be removed and pumps will have to be put in place to drain groundwater that comes in from the hill. He mentioned the bottom of the basement will be four feet above sea level. Let's hope the building's life is shorter than the coming four foot rise in the ocean.

OK, another picture and a walk on to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream cone, my solution to the lunch problem. No interest in going downtown, no interest in heading over the the morning café, so an ice cream cone for lunch and spaghetti later for dinner. We shall not dwell on this further. Until tomorrow.

I ran off a few prints of the Cherry Blossom Parade. I should color calibrate the printer. And the monitor. All this damned high end equipment, including a color calibration spectrometer and I don't use them. It. A waste of good camera gear the younger I would have said. Art and life intruding on our happy little fantasy here. Again.

Evening. Nothing on television I wanted to watch, but a fair amount of time on the guitar. To bed after eight (really) to read a bit, check Facebook on the tablet and then to sleep. Diddle-dee-deep.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.