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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


April 20, 2014

Recap Tomorrow
Sunday. I did get to bed not long after nine (after checking out that German police procedural and deciding life was too short), but didn't get to sleep until much later. Reading, yes, but little or no time on the tablet. Could it be hope is still with us? It might.

Awake and up at six-thirty not having set the alarm, off to breakfast with the three Sunday papers in tow. Best to arrive early as they get a much larger crowd early on Sunday mornings and I don't want to end up hogging one of their large tables if there's a line.

It occurred to me it was Easter Sunday when the first family came in with small children decked out for church (or for breakfast - this is the left coast, after all), something that had completely slipped my mind. Shows my religious training and background, but a good enough start to a good morning, the Cherry Blossom Parade kicking off in front of the San Francisco City Hall at one.

Later. I thought of driving to the downtown BART station and parking on the street, but finally decided to take the eleven o'clock bus, catching BART at 19th Street and then to the Civic Center stop, arriving to see the many of the Cosplay contest people had already assembled and preparations were underway for the parade.

And so I shot pictures (what else), although at first there seemed to be more photographers than people to photograph, the assumption being Easter had pulled the Cosplay costume people away (but evidently not the photographers). Didn't need to arrive any earlier, I was pretty much shot out by the time the parade was due to start and was probably sitting on a train when the first float crossed the line.

The pictures? I have no idea. I'm assuming a couple of sections for artandlife, more than I was able to come up with yesterday for the Earth Day Festival, but we'll know soon enough. They take time to process and, as noted, it takes me time to get my head around whether I like them or not.

Anyway, home by two in the afternoon (caught the bus two minutes after exiting the downtown Oakland BART station, which was nice) and the day has gone well. I'm tired and I've just eaten some spreadable sharp cheddar cheese on crackers that I picked up along with sake and other necessary items at the supermarket on the way home this morning.

Why did I go off the deep end like this? Well, I bought the cheese spread to see how strong any residual ocular migraines may still be resident and the sake to enjoy later this evening, remembering I'd put off an urge to have some last night, knowing I had the parade today and didn't want to fuck it up. We do plan ahead sometimes, but just, you know, for the more important stuff. Don't want to mess up no picture taking sessions. You never know how many you may have left.

Evening. Lots of time on the photographs, I suspect I'll have three sections when I'm done, but I won't be done until well into tomorrow afternoon if then. Some I quite like, some are a little different, some appeal and maybe show some new directions. Well, if not new, then directions to be further explored.

Nothing much on television. I've had it droning on in the background as I've been working in Lightroom and Photoshop, but we'll take a break now and pick up the guitar. No excuses, not short changing the guitar to work on photographs. He said, without a smirk, evidently clueless.

A Wallendar on at nine, one of the iterations I'm occasionally able to watch, we'll see how that goes and give a recap tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken of the San Francisco Earth Day Festival yesterday with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.