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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


April 19, 2014

On The Guitar
Saturday. Go to bed last night after eight, didn't watch Death In Paradise at nine (although I was tempted) and I did some reading. A good sign, given all the usual crap I favor watching? A step back to those decades when I didn't own a television set and did, in fact, read like a good little beaver building his paperback dam?

In other news, up with the alarm to head off to breakfast on another nice (if a bit crisp) sunny morning, an interesting day ahead. The Earth Day gathering in front of the San Francisco City Hall? I suspect I'll go as it's the easy to reach. Around noon? Sounds about right. We'll skip the parade from the Embarcadero area to the City Hall as it sounds a bit tiring.

Later. A nap that included an hour's sleep. Nice. Just like that.

A bus at eleven-thirty to the 19th Street BART station, getting off at the Civic Center thinking the festival was being held in Justin Herman Plaza in front of the City Hall, but finding it going full tilt across the street at the U.N. Plaza. I like mistakes that don't require more than a minute to correct.

A walk the length of the plaza running into the Earth Day Parade I'd decided not to follow that started as mentioned at the Embarcadero. Luck. Kismet. Pictures. Took pictures for an hour and a half before ducking into the BART station next to the plaza. Not good, not bad, but enough photographs for a section on artandlife.

Lunch at the Oakland City Center, the Panda Express, fried rice and some kind of candied shrimp. A bus home to work on the photographs into early evening. Nothing on television and so to bed at nine unless a German program, Marie's Mind For Murder, turns out to be something I want to watch. The rationalization could be watching it would give me additional time to catch up on the guitar.

Wasn't that the woman detective who, unarmed, locked herself (on purpose) into an apartment where she knew a masked man (with a poker in hand) was prowling around so he couldn't escape?

Ah, yes. It is. Was. So to bed I guess just after nine.

The photo up top was taken of graffiti along Broadway yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.