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April 18, 2014

Friday Night
Friday. To bed just after ten, up thirty minutes after the alarm (we did remember to set the alarm this time) and off to breakfast on a bright sunny morning. Good enough.

Plenty of things to shoot this coming weekend, the Cherry Blossom Parade on Sunday, the Cherry Blossom Festival over in Japantown on Saturday and Sunday, although I'll probably photograph the Earth Day event that runs on Saturday in Justin Hermann Plaza. Unless I don't. A wealth of events to crap out on, which to of them to favor when it comes time to decide?

Again have no idea what I'll do for the rest of the day, other than what we always end up doing. At least the mood is good and the sinuses are behaving. I do want to take some photographs, though. The excitement/interest levels seems to be growing as we're entering Spring. Could be the weather, could be better health, could be those rumored alien rays.

Later. A walk over to the construction site running into one of the construction workers who explained what the supports being drilled into the hillside accomplished. Evidently they will extend the current wall another ten feet below its current level and will need these anchors to hold the wall in place, additional support required to support a greater load. OK. Makes sense. A picture that showed how the “I” beams are used to hold the wood planks in place. You learn slowly (I learn slowly), but you do learn.

Less than a half dozen photographs, but now we need to decide on a place to go later. Again: a nice day, shame not to use it.

Later still. I finally set out on a bus downtown, walking through Latham Square, by the City Hall and over to the City Center, settling on a bowl of turkey chili and French bread for lunch before walking on to the bagel shop for coffee at an outside table. No pictures really, other than one to document my return through Latham Square, what little is left of Latham Square.

Waiting on the bus home I photographed this fellow with his skateboard. “Cruel Hand Hardcore, Portland Maine”. Cruel hand? The one you deal or the one you're dealt? Not sure it matters.

You're old and cranky and showing your age.

More just babbling, more just still curious about the ways of the world. Are they any different than ones I once thought I knew? You assume he's at least joined into a life of his own making/liking, although I wonder how much of it is fantasy and how much reality. Life indistinguishable from the virtual world.

More photographs of the construction site when I arrived home, here now on this sunny afternoon thinking of playing something on the stereo and picking up the guitar. The usual fare on a standard sunny/rainy/whatever afternoon. Still, the weather is indeed nice, a cool breeze under a warm sun. Long sleeved shirt weather, almost too cool for the shade, almost too warm under the direct sun.

Evening. I'd seen the New Tricks episode this evening, but remembered little to none of it. The British accent combined with the less than clear audio added to confusion, but either way I sat, watched and played guitar.

There's a Death In Paradise at nine, one I haven't seen before and might watch, but I'd have to find something to keep me entertained during the eight o'clock hour. A book? A magazine? Both located in the bedroom? We'll see. Maybe I'll go to bed, read and then sleep. Maybe I'll lie down on the bed, read and get up at nine. Exciting stuff on a Friday night.

The photo up top was taken of one of the usual suspects at the constructions site yesterday with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR Nikkor lens.