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April 3, 2014

Stay Quiet
Thursday. And so to bed last night to fiddle about a bit with a tablet before getting to sleep after ten. About right, except for the tablet. I read somewhere recently that tablet light isn't good for getting you a good night's rest. We'll take that under advisement as we take all things under advisement (and with a pinch of salt).

Anyway, up with the alarm to set off to breakfast, the morning looking good, they're saying sun and such through the weekend and maybe through next week. Lunch today with Mr. M with the morning spent futzing and redoing some of the Saint Stupid's Day Parade photographs. I'm feeling up for it. Good sign, don't you think? Feeling up for something you spend so much of your time with?

And maybe a little odd?

Not in the least.

Later. Mr. M came by and headed downtown to have what turned out to be a pretty decent chicken Caesar salad, the chicken going down without a problem. Maybe it's just the way The Fountain Café prepares its chicken, maybe it's just baked/grilled chicken in general, maybe it's an hallucination on my part.

Anyway, we caught up on recent times for a good hour or so over lunch before he dropped me off again at the apartment, the afternoon ahead. More futzing with the Saint Stupid pictures, cleaning up some of the processing in Photoshop. Still waiting on an update for Lightroom for this new camera so I can get back to the processing routine I'm familiar with. What the hell? It's fun. Mostly fun. Something to keep me entertained on an afternoon in early April.

Listening to the news drone on in the background. I'd gotten in some time, very little, but some time on the guitar before setting out for lunch, might as well add to it now, get a head start on the evening.

Evening. Two Inspector Lewis episodes this evening, both of which I realized I'd seen before when they started, neither of which I had any idea of how they turned out, who'd done the deed, although I of course recognized the villains when they were revealed. Ah, well.

A new Elementary at ten. Which I debated watching right up until it started. Why do I seemingly like this one over some others (other than for the presence of Ms. Liu, of course)? Not sure. I'd have to properly write an analysis to learn and even then I'm not sure I'd find out. So we'll watch the damned things and try to stay quiet.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the Saint Stupid's Day Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.