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April 4, 2014

And Won't
Friday. To bed right after eleven, having watched Elementary without apparent damage to the psyche, up with the alarm remembering another story recently read about getting up with the alarm and how it was a bad idea for various reasons to hit the sleep button. Got right up and headed out the door with all three papers, the Tribune having started arriving with the others some one or two days ago. I assume whatever problems they were having have been resolved.

Raining when I left, obviously having been raining through the night, the wet plastic bags the papers arrived in giving me the head's up. It had stopped by the time I was driving home and it looks as if it will be a nice day out there, which we will find some way to use and enjoy, but probably after a nap. Not tired at the moment, but tired can appear in but an instant. Zap!

Later. And so a nap, thinking, as I was getting up, I'd slept for maybe thirty minutes to then check the clock to seeing it had been more like an hour an a half. Good. Actual sleep after a too short night's rest.

A bus downtown to the City Center to have a bun and coffee at an outside table at the bagel shop, a walk then by City Hall, a City Center guard having earlier warned the photographer and his subject they didn't allow the taking of photographs in the Center.

I've been warned in the past more than once (and bitched about it here), but haven't been hassled lately as the guards have become accustomed to my presence with a camera and the occasional photograph. Not sure what the guard said to them, but they complied.

The cherry trees had begun to blossom in front of the City Hall. Which is about right, the Cherry Blossom Festival coming up in Japantown starting next weekend. I wondered in January (was it January?) why the cherry trees along Grand had bloomed so early but they were obviously not cherry trees but something else. Little white flowers, I discover, do not a cherry tree make.

A walk on through Latham Square (I still have no idea after examining it closely what it says on the shirt) to dogleg over to Webster from Broadway this time and on to the lake to approach Grand this time along Harrison, taking a picture of a bird, one of a half dozen that were feeding on the grass along the lake. Birds of Northern California makes me think it's a Brewers Blackbird so that's what we'll call it until we know (for sure).

A bag of peanuts at the 7-11 look-alike and then home to, well, take another nap. If I slept, I slept but for a few minutes, couldn't really tell.

Later still. Funky, this afternoon, the sinuses acting up and the nose needing clearing every time I eat. The sinuses getting better? Getting worse? Another short “nap” before futzing on the computer for the remainder of the afternoon. This is an Art Murmur First Friday, the weather still looks good and there's light, but I'm obviously not going out. As I said, feeling funky enough to not want to venture outside.

Evening. Another New Tricks that I've seen before at seven and again had no idea who done it until the end. A little difficult to make out with their English accents combined with not the best audio, but we played along contentedly enough on guitar and kept our mouth shut.

Charlie Rose at eight, an interview with an actor playing L.B.J on Broadway, nothing I can imagine wanting to watch, so we'll go with the local KQED Newsroom and then with Death in Paradise at nine. Maybe it will be another death I've witnessed before and I'll be able to skip paradise and head to bed. Then again, maybe I haven't and won't.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the Saint Stupid's Day Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.