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April 20, 2012

Boy Howdy Are We
Friday. Yesterday evening wound up pretty well, allowing me to get to bed before ten, the two bottles of sake having been consumed over the rest of the evening after the world had gotten back on its axis. The sharp cheddar cheese consumed earlier in the afternoon didn't bring on any symptoms or proto-symptoms of an ocular migraine, something I've been thinking may have gone its way (an assumption that's been dashed in the past), and the two bottles finished the day in a nice way. So. The morning has started.

They're saying temperatures in the eighties here through the weekend, the party scheduled for this evening by the young women living in the apartments above mine coming up, I would imagine, sometime after six. They evidently went to the extent of talking with the people on the floor below mine as well, making the same offer of a hotel room if needed and home made brownies on the day of the party, “adult” or regular, make your choice. What kind of party is this going to be? Anyway, that's for later, I'm thinking now of getting out with a camera, not that sun or no sun, good temperatures or bad temperatures, would make any difference.

Yes, I was feeling funky yesterday, chicken salad stomach upset aside, so it's nice to leave that behind. How funky was funky? Well, not sick, but not up for doing much more than lying in bed and letting the day roll on. No, that doesn't describe it either, but maybe it's something the can't really be accurately conveyed in words.

Later. A brief walk along the lake just to get out of the apartment, shooting the odd picture as they came into sight and mind. The cormorants have been building nests this last month and there's been a few who come down to the white columns end of the lake and dredge up nest materials from the bottom to then fly all the way back to the nesting area on the islands, long trip after trip after trip. I didn't have a long lens on the camera and, although this guy came out of nowhere closer in to the shore, I was able to get off a shot. Not very good, I should really go and hunker down with a longs lens at a good place with a lot of patience, but was still nice in the getting and interesting as a snapshot. I had no idea if it were even halfway in focus until I got home and looked.

A straight line then back to the apartment, passing the bus stop just as a bus pulled by (if you decide right now, my bucko, you won't have to wrestle with this should I go or should I not go decision anymore, so why not just say yes, any other crap aside?), so a ride downtown to have a bagel with cream cheese out at a table in the City Center before walking back along Broadway to catch a bus on Grand. Taking it easy all this way of course, doing a couple of easy errands, the temperature now warm enough to be out in just a t-shirt. We're going to have a warm weekend, we are.

Evening: The party upstairs is just a party. Lots of people, but nothing blaring on the stereo - footsteps on the floor above the living room, many but not too many - and some of the partiers may be out talking on the balcony, although, more likely, their balcony door is wide open and the noise is drifting out and down. As noises will. So fine, the upstairs ladies - new tenants - took great pains to prepare the building for their party and to open communications should their venture prove somehow disturbing in ways they couldn't know ahead. So fine. We shall survive.

Except, maybe, for the adult brownies. Maybe it would have been better not to have eaten all three. They didn't take me anywhere I haven't been to before, I understood the meaning of “adult”, but less so how potent. My fault, of course, for not asking the source. One doesn't eat three when one will do, not unless you don't care one way or another. We're far from not caring one way or another. Except, of course, for this slight trip up tonight.

So we're stoned.

Boy howdy are we.

This one was taken at's Tax The 1% Protest Tuesday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.