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April 21, 2012

Clear Headed
Saturday. The morning seems doable. Sun, good to maybe too good temperatures seem well on the way. Up just before eight instead of just before six however, it doesn't seem to have mattered how much sleep I'd gotten yesterday when you add up all the naps in addition to that night's sleep. But so what? We'll watch how we fare. We're all on for the rest of this however long it may last ride.

So we had those brownies last night and they were interesting, not putting you to sleep, but putting you into a space where you're really twisted but at the same time wide awake and riffing through whatever it is in your life that's been bugging you for the moment. A hang on to your socks roller coaster run, in other words. Such is life and good quality Mary Jane.

But enough, it's eleven in the morning and I have to decide if I want to go over to San Francisco and photograph the Cherry Blossom Festival. I need more pictures if I'm to fill out the section I started last weekend, but, you know, I'm running a bit slow this morning and I'm fighting making the trip. Not the first time I've found myself in this place. There's the Cherry Blossom Parade tomorrow, BART goes right to it, so it's much easier to reach, so we're sitting here juggling our options. For now, what to do for a walk?

You're still a little stoned?

Yeah, a bit. It's more like a hangover, but more benign. These hangovers aren't anything like an alcohol morning after: no pain, a bit stoned, able to get about, but no great reserves of energy to do much more than sit and not think very much. It goes away through the day, at least it did on those those mornings after in my deep dark past.

Later. An amble down along the lake, through the farmers market and to the morning restaurant, a turkey sandwich and a diet Coke this time, sitting out on the patio in the shade under what was now becoming a too warm sun. Up and down, up and down: such is life.

I caught a bus right in front of the café and rode back to the apartment. I didn't want to walk under that sun, didn't want to revisit the farmers market, didn't want to sit by the lake, sitting now with the fan turned on medium feeling better in front of the computer. My guitar time took a pretty good hit yesterday, probably a good time now to catch up. And take it easy. And forgo anymore of these unusual organic experiments.

Later still. I did more updates on the early Dykes on Bikes images on artandlife. It's going to take a while, but I've done quite a few now and we'll eventually get them in shape. I'm still thinking of adding another section from photographs I've found in tracking the negatives down and pulling them all together. If a day is going slowly, nothing interesting afoot, working on the earlier images seems to reliably put me in a good mood. Odd, maybe. Then maybe not.

Evening. More work on old images, some time on the guitar, but not enough. It's after nine and I'm thinking of heading to bed. The forming up of a parade to photograph tomorrow and I want to be in a decent mood and condition to do it, so to bed early clear headed for once.

This one was taken in front of an apartment house found walking to my guitar lesson with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor AF D lens.