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April 19, 2012

Things Have Happened
Thursday. To bed before ten, to sleep whenever after, I don't remember it taking all that much time and effort of zone out. Which is probably a good sign. Up this morning with the alarm, the sky clear, a sunny day ahead. Feels like a spring heading toward a decent summer. Another good sign. I'd say. I would.

Our guitar lesson coming up at noon, a couple of books due from UPS. I missed their delivery yesterday when I was out walking, we'll see if I miss them again today while I'm out mis-fingering my guitar. There's always tomorrow. I never read more than a few chapters of the books I order anymore, a reason I no longer buy so many.

What is it you feel you needed to put up on a shelf unread?

I do follow the economists in the press, an offshoot perhaps of having studied economics for a couple of years in school. One of the classic works, central to the arguments of the moment, is Keynes The General Theory Of Employment, Interest, And Money, something I didn't read when I was an economics student. Probably an indication you're really not motivated, skipping reading Keynes when you're studying economics in the sixties. Or the 2010's. Anyway, I'll tackle it, see what everyone's been fighting about since the financial crash.

How soon before it will go up unread on that shelf with the others?

Whenever it is, I suspect I'll be embarrassed to say.

Later. So, a lie down for a while feeling an little funky before getting up to quickly go through the guitar lesson before heading out, the lesson going well enough. My instructor is very supportive, as I guess anyone giving lessons should be (if his sanity and retention of students is important), so we'll go with his judgement and persevere with the new assigned blues riff and further work on Cinnamon Girl.

A drive on the way back to the supermarket to pick up necessary items including a Chinese chicken salad at their salad bar (I was hungry, even with the earlier large breakfast) and two of the small 150ml bottles of sake. My weekly sake fix is in the cupboard. Oh, and paper towels, toilet paper, cheese, crackers and pop corn, more critical members of the food pyramid to get us to if not through the weekend. One does not want to run out of air popped pop corn for very long in this world, let me tell you.

Otherwise still a little tired and funky, we'll look to see if I can get in a nap before even thinking of going out for a walk. That book I mentioned yesterday arrived while I was gone, but I'd remembered to leave a note for the UPS driver when I left for the lesson, and the apartment manager had signed for the package and left it at my front door. Good again: the complicated requirements of the day have been met and we're free to take the afternoon as we will. And we will.

Later still. An interesting reminder about prepared foods bought over the counter after my reaction to the Chinese chicken salad. I'm assuming it was the Chinese chicken salad, the cheese and crackers (the evil spreadable sharp cheddar cheese that comes in the small plastic containers and brings on ocular migraines) don't usually cause gas and a stomach ache. I don't think. They haven't in the past. The salad, though, made at the store and sold scooped into containers by the pound, seems a likely culprit. Lasted for a good five hours. Not debilitating, but causing me to lie down and put everything on hold. Still, could have been worse, much worse, it's seven in the evening now and I'm indeed feeling better.

Have you gotten into that sake yet?

Alcohol would probably knock out any remaining bugs, don't you think? Sounds good if you don't examine it too closely. We'll see, stranger things have happened.

This one was taken at's Tax The 1% Protest Tuesday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.