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April 18, 2012

It's After Nine
Wednesday. So, to bed last night sometime well after ten, getting the photographs ready for HereInOakland taking a fair amount of time. I did get in a decent guitar session, but need to get in an even better one today for the lesson tomorrow. You understand.

I did pick up the new “computer” glasses yesterday, after the protest rally, glasses designed for reading and for computer viewing, reading in that the bottom half of the glass is designed to correct your vision when you're within reading distance and the top half designed to correct your vision when the distance is somewhat longer. I think they work as advertised, but I'll have to get used to them. Maybe if the top half had been optimized for a distance just a little bit longer, but we'll know soon enough. Feel better than the old reading glasses did when I'm sitting at the screen with my feet up on the computer table leaning back relaxed in the chair. Which I am. Often.

Anyway, up at seven instead of six, off to breakfast and back on a clear bright sun in the sky morning, we'll see what may follow. I'll probably put off copying the pictures over to artandlife until tomorrow as I don't need any more long sessions in Photoshop today. Hey.

Later. A walk over to the lake to take a picture or two as I headed for the morning café for ice cream and coffee, a nice morning, a couple of decent pictures. Some of the double vision flitting in and out, nothing too distressing, nothing really getting in the way other than it squelches any urges to, I don't know, skip and sing along on the sidewalk. Hunkers you down into your own little world a bit as you're walking, keeping an eye out for the odd photograph. Not bad, not good, perhaps not worth mentioning.

Guitar now I think, playing along with the song through the slow down software, see if I have it memorized. I've gone through the pieces of the song often enough - the chord changes and such - and I seem to have made progress, but I kid myself if I don't play through with the song playing and leave it to do at the lesson. Takes me longer to learn, I think, slows the progress down. We're already over a year late in achieving superstardom. Seems a little silly to put it off, don't you think? Superstardom? The American obsession?


Later still. I'd forgotten how easily Mr. P's design allowed the copying of a section either way between HereInOakland and artandlife if you don't decide to make silly changes in the folder names and such. Took all of ten minutes. Don't ask me why I started (not knowing it would take but ten minutes), it probably had to do with putting off the guitar. Either that or the brain is shorting out and, in the process, taking over. Free will is a fiction. As a fiction. But we'll stop. I will. Set the brakes. Now.

Evening. Some time on the guitar: good. More time futzing with some of the early scanned images, moving them up to artandlife to replace smaller, less wonderful first tries at the same images: good. Nothing worth watching on television: probably good. To bed now that it's after nine.

This one was taken walking along Grand near Children's Fairyland with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor AF D lens.