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April 17, 2012

Hit The Sack
Tuesday. To bed last night as mentioned at a decent hour. Up some four times to get up and take a leak, not sure about that, it seems to happen more often than not, awakening and then getting up, but I certainly felt good this morning heading off and then back from breakfast. For some reason I took more interest in the news stories, reading through many of the longer ones in the Chronicle and the Times, remarking to myself how well I felt, the energy and such. Put that load of laundry I missed on Friday in the washer when I got back, it's in the drier now as I write.

So we're in the middle of our - hup, hups! - for the morning, let's see what the later morning portends. There's a rally downtown at noon that I'll photograph, a good test of this “I feel good” crap to see if it indeed will last. But let's not be looking too much for what's coming, what we've got at the moment is quite alright. Hup!

Even you are tired of this “hup” business, let's cut it out.

Odd how you start something and, although it was stale when you first used it, you keep it around. Hup. Mup. Pup.

Later. I set out for the rally in front of the Oakland Federal building bringing but one camera with a 24-70mm lens instead of also packing a second in a backpack with a 70-200mm lens thinking I'd try something different, see things a little differently than I have in the past. Maybe a good idea, maybe not. Maybe a rationalization for travelling light.

Still, arrived downtown, detoured by the Rotunda building to sit for a while with a caramel latte and then headed over to the Federal building to see what was up. An interesting presentation, a dome hung with the cardboard cutouts of countries in which we've, um, “conducted military operations” inscribed with the years in which they were undertaken, a long strip of banners along the sidewalk out front running from our country's founding to the present date, also outlining our various CIA organized coups, bombings and outright wars. Well done. Not a lot of people about, but heartfelt enough on their part I thought. Didn't look like much though in the way of spectators or press.

Anyway, a bunch of pictures that will end up on both HereInOakland and artandlife, perhaps two sections of twenty-one each, to be finished either today or tomorrow morning. I was worried, as I was coming back, that bringing just the 24-70mm lens mounted camera hadn't been the best of ideas, as I've almost invariably used the 70-200mm lens mounted camera in the past for closer to the subject candid portraits, the thinking and seeing with a 24-70mm lens entirely different. I realized, however, as I first started going through them, that this one would make a nice splash page for HereInOakland, I hadn't thought of that at all as I was taking the picture. What the hell, if I'd screwed the pooch, at least I'd gotten a new splash page as an unexpected result.

Evening. Well, spent the rest of the day - with some time on the guitar - finishing the protest pictures. Not great, but they give a feel for the event: the theater, the people who put it together. Now I'm going to play some more guitar and hit the sack.

This one was taken Saturday at the Cherry Blossom Festival with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.