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April 16, 2012

Well Before Ten
Monday. I'm not really sure how this day started. Up after seven to head out for breakfast and back, the day clear, nothing usual about that. Some work on yesterday's entry wondering how it managed to go on for so long. Not the first time I've wondered about that. And the editing and such.

Some of the usual looking around on the web, check out the Facebook postings, see what Paul Krugman was writing about. We have our little mental check list that we follow. Not all of them on the list get a visit, just the ones that speak out.

Speak out?

Cause me to click on their link.

A walk just after noon down to the bus stop to head downtown and pick up a prescription and the glasses I'd had fitted last week. The lady originally had said late Friday and then Monday afternoon. Well, it turns out Monday afternoon meant with her UPS delivery that comes at close to five. Ah, well. We can live with that.

The same odd jittery feeling with the head and the eyes I described yesterday. Some slight double vision, but perhaps better described as something just not quite firing right, so walking along was an adventure if only for that. Nothing terrible you understand, and it seems to have pretty much evaporated as I was walking home, but still, makes you think. I'm not going on any great photography adventures if this remains in place. Unless I do, of course. Maybe too much attention to too little, but we'll see soon enough.

Back now in the mid-afternoon, the day outside really nice. We'll listen to the news and see what we can do with the guitar. I managed to break a string last night close to bedtime. What the hell, restring the guitar and not put it off until this morning or I'll find a way to use it to screw up tomorrow's practice. So I restrung the guitar and traded out the battery. Probably too soon for the battery, but then it was too soon for the battery in the tuning foot pedal too as it had crapped out the day before. No big deal, but I'm wondering if these Radio Shack rechargeable batteries are any good or not. They certainly cost enough.

We're running out of steam here I think.

Maybe so. Again, a good day for the weather, the head finally coming together, let's see if I can cap it with a good session with the guitar. That lesson is coming and the procrastination demons are beginning to stir.

Later. Another session futzing with the early Dykes on Bikes photographs seem to have calmed me right down. “Calmed” is probably not the right description, but it caught my interest and the time then just flew along. Which is good. We do need to pick up that guitar, though. Probably right now.

Evening. Best I did replace the guitar battery with a freshly recharged battery as the guitar sounds much better. Got to remember that. This particular model Strat comes with a nine volt battery to amplify the lower range tones and it does make a difference when it craps out. Wouldn't mind playing with a standard Strat though to see what the difference is between them in the sound. But we digress.

A good evening, a good series of sessions on the guitar, to bed well before ten.

This one was taken Saturday at the Cherry Blossom Festival with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.