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April 13, 2012

Reasonably Well
Friday. To bed at a decent hour last night listening to the thunder in the not too far distance, lightening flashes coming through the window curtains, up this morning with the alarm and off to breakfast without the rain as I did yesterday morning without a rain that had dominated the night. I have to admit the attitude was good, no ill effects from the sake for dinner last night, no ill effects that I could feel. Odd. I had the sake at room temperature, the hot sake often knocks your head straight into another dimension: do not pass go, do not blink. But that's not really a reliable predictor. (Reliable is in how much you drink. Diddle-dee-dink.)

So, driving back from breakfast, the sun now coming up, I decided to drive on to the Honda dealer and have the car serviced while I walked up to the hospital lab for my monthly blood test. This decision was made as I was driving, not before, as is my often less than functional habit. One might say I'm living in the moment - good for me - but then one might say something less flattering about rational planning, sensible people and such, so we'll leave it at that.

Now back home having placed a second round of two loads into the wash, the sky outside looking dramatic, but the sun holding forth. A bit of rain, a bit of sun, we're hoping for the sun without rain tomorrow. I wouldn't have bet I'd be doing the laundry after getting the car and blood test done yesterday, but again, the attitude is a bit saucy, the feet are tapping and I'm, well, on the run. On the walk. Well, not crawling into bed. Maybe later though, for a nap.

Later. The laundry done now finally and, although I thought I'd gotten everything done, I noticed I'd forgotten the damned denim shirts hanging in a line in the closet. Hmm. Maybe a smaller single load later this afternoon or over the weekend? How many times have I worn each of those shirts since the last laundry run? Not that many, four maybe. Still. Still. We'll see. I could include the light weight nylon or whatever they are jackets too, they're in need of attention. Still, forgetting the shirts. (Mumble.)

An attempt at a nap before heading downtown on the bus to order a prescription refill, something I'll pick up Monday, and then a check to see if the new glasses had arrived. Not until Monday the lady said. OK. We can live with that. I have a run by the pharmacy on the list for Monday come to think of it, I can do that.

Maybe three pictures in total for the outing. For some reason I collect cannibalized bicycles when I find them. My guess is I've been finding too many, this one looks as if it's not an inexpensive model that was a some point locked to a stand at the corner of Broadway and 14th, a busy corner with plenty of security during the day. Still. I wouldn't leave a bike out overnight anywhere in the city, certainly not out on a downtown sidewalk.

You're starting to wander with this.

I wander. And wonder. One less than lovely shot of a cluster of cherry blossoms out in front of the City Hall, my heart for some reason not really in it. No complaints, not all days are good days for any given photographer. Friday the 13th, after all. Best to stumble with one's photographs than stumble with one's body at an unfortunate time in a crosswalk or by a lake or at the corner of Broadway and 14th on a Friday the 13th for that matter. Nasty looking lake this morning, by the way, after the rains last night.

Still you wander.

So I'll hang it up.

Later still. Another bout going through the early Dykes on Bikes pictures - the black and white negative scans - tracking them down, fiddling with their Photoshop adjustments. Enjoyable, really. Some time on the guitar, watched the (Italian) police procedural at six (not totally terrible) and finished the evening with the first half hour of another Netflix film. Not so bad, this day. Seems to have ended reasonably well.

This one was taken while walking home from sushi last night with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 50mm f 1.4 Nikkor G lens.