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April 14, 2012

Inside My Ears
Saturday. I slept in for almost an hour this morning before heading off and back from breakfast: the sky clear, the sun shining, a good day ahead. To bed before ten, but evidently needed the additional sleep. What the hell, just do it, no need for rationalization.

Mr. S's band is playing later at the Ardendale Tartan Day Scottish Fair in Fremont and the Cherry Blossom Festival kicks off today in San Francisco, running through this weekend and then again next weekend, the parade a week from today, so good stuff in the works for pictures. Hup. The thought of all of it has me thinking I'd like to take a nap. What the hell, no editorial judgements in taking a nap. We like naps. We take them as they're offered. Preparation for today's shooting, like charging the camera batteries, necessary stuff.

Later. I remember now. Getting over to Japantown is a bit of a drag, what with the 38 Geary bus, but well worth the effort for J Pop and some of the others, but not so much for the Cherry Blossom Festival as there's not nearly as much going on. Plenty of people, yes, but nobody in costume and well, not a lot of opportunity for my kind of photographs. Which is to say I got maybe two decent pictures after a six hour trek starting after eleven and finishing after five. And I'm pooped.

No, I didn't drive down to Ardendale for the Tartan Day Scottish Fair, not sure why. The idea of driving, for some reason. The route is straightforward, drive down the street some four blocks and turn right onto the highway that goes straight down to the Dumbarton Bridge, turning off to the right again before reaching the bridge, a drive I've made many times on my way to Palo Alto for various doctor's appointments. Well, Mr. S's band is playing again an hour's drive away in Livermore a week from this coming Friday.

Livermore? What, an hour's drive, the gig at seven in the evening on a Friday? And you can't drive thirty minutes at noon on a sunny Saturday?

Evening. More time futzing with the early Dykes on Bikes scanned negatives, again enlarging and readjusting a few, adding them to artandlife. I'm not sure I really like the changes I've made with the adjustments. The way the image looks in Photoshop is not the way the image looks when it's been converted for the web and I'm either doing something wrong or there's something wrong with my settings. But we'll see, something to futz with in the coming days and weeks.

Not much to say for the evening. Some time on guitar, some time not finding anything I haven't seen or don't want to see on television, to bed before ten. Life again in the fast lane, the wind whipping like topsy inside my ears.

This one was taken while walking home from sushi last night with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 50mm f 1.4 Nikkor G lens.