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April 12, 2012

Noon And Night
Thursday. Again, a good evening ending by bed before ten, who knows when I actually drifted off to sleep? But not all that long after, I'd guess.

Up this morning with the alarm. Rain last night, but it had stopped by the time I awakened, off to breakfast and back under a dark and rain looking sky. Home now thinking should I take a nap and then practice before my guitar lesson. It's early, still I'm thinking of a nap. We'll see, the attitude is good even contemplating doing the laundry later this afternoon. If it's raining I'll have no excuse.

Later. I did lie down, but nothing I would call a nap. A run through today's exercises before heading over to the lesson at noon, going through the motions with less than a sterling performance. But an OK performance. Pretty close to OK. If we're allowed to be the judge. More of Cinnamon Girl assigned for next week, along with another blues riff, so there's plenty to do before we stumble to our lesson again next week.

But a full week! We won't have to worry about it, really, until say, well, Wednesday!

Bite your tongue. (That's my line, you're the one who' supposed to give me grief.)

Later still. A bus downtown to have a sandwich at Ratto's at a sidewalk table, ham and swiss with mustard, lettuce and pickles. Didn't sit well. Yes, I was hungry but, as I've mentioned, the palate has radically changed and some things I can eat, many things I can't; some I can eat every so often when the day is right and the moon is full. I was wrong in thinking this was on the every so often side of life.

A walk then up Broadway to Grand, the sky grey just on the edge of rain all the way, catching a bus on Grand and then getting off at my 7-11 look-alike to buy an ice cream cone to eat on the rest of the way back. I was after a pint of ice cream, but their Haagen-Dazs section was, as usual, depleted, with frost so thick on the remaining pints you couldn't read the labels. I've mentioned this to them before, I didn't mention this today. They know. It's their freezer. Then again, such is life.

I must admit the day, the grey day, the few people on the streets after the lunch hour making the homeless and hopeless stand out, wasn't altogether comforting. Still, these days do happen. A picture of someone on the grass in front of the City Hall. One assumes he's alive. One assumes. There were, after all, other people about, some of them security people in uniform. A picture of one of the new pay your parking with a smart phone signs for the sticker. More beer less work. Right. Less stress, more sense might have been better. More beer? Less in this life, from my standpoint, although that's not something I much think about after the fact. We had our share, we survived as some did and some did not.

Home now, the news playing in the background. Maybe a nap in a while, get to bed early. And yes, try the newly assigned Cinnamon Girl chord sequences.

Evening. I said I was going to go by the supermarket after my guitar lesson at the beginning of the week, undoubtedly buying some sake along with whatever else (and let me tell you, I'm out of everything else), but I didn't, so that's the excuse for going down the hill for sake and the usual sushi dinner. And, although the proprietor filled my flask more than once, I seem to be back here at the apartment feeling rather less rattled, clear headed and un-fazed by my venture into the (almost) dark. Maybe something will kick in later, but I suspect not.

Anyway, some time on the guitar before leaving for dinner, some television now, some more guitar (maybe) and to bed early. I tried for a nap before heading on down for the sushi, but managed only a half hour or so listening to the radio in bed. But it was refreshing. It was. The day has gone well, they're saying rain tonight (some drops were falling as I was returning) and sun tomorrow. Good. We have photography adventures planned for the weekend, sun would be nice. An overcast would be better for the light, but sun would still be nice. Better certainly than rain.

Tomorrow afternoon I pick up the glasses I ordered at the beginning of the week. We'll do the car and the Protime blood test tomorrow morning, glasses in the afternoon, maybe some laundry in between. I can say this with enthusiasm this evening, we'll see what we may say in the morning, noon and night.

This one was taken yesterday along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 50mm f 1.4 Nikkor G lens.