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April 11, 2012

Has Gone Well
Wednesday. So, to bed last night at a decent hour not long after nine, up with the alarm, to breakfast and back just a bit early to prepare to go to the dentist's over in Albany to have this back molar checked. This back molar that no longer seems to be acting up and may well be more a passing pain in the tooth and gums than a damaged crown. Or filling. Or whatever.

A drive to the dentist's without any problem, the sky seeming to be clearer. We had rain last night, but it had stopped by the time I set out for breakfast, big cumulous clouds passing overhead (as the photo behind the title up above shows), but sun peeping through. Arrived at the dentist's twenty minutes early and he took me in fifteen minutes late, but no complaints, an appointment at the last minute, after all.

I was right, no damage to the molar in the back. Making things up in my declining years, although it indeed had hurt over the weekend and remained sensitive thereafter. Still, better on the wallet.

A picture as I was sitting, waiting; another picture (above) as I was leaving. This may be a better cropping, but I wanted something that would fit the slot on top, so compromises were made. Hup. Home now, again the sun coming through dramatic clouds, thinking a nap. It's a quarter after ten and I've had more than enough effort and excitement for a morning (I was going to say a day), best to recharge before heading out.

Later. An hour's nap. Seems to be pretty regular now, this hour's nap in the late mornings. Off to walk over to the morning café trying their Mango ice cream along with a cup of coffee, a walk then over the hill on Mandana (puff! puff!) to go by the ATM and then back around by the lake and home. A decent walk, that Mandana hill adding the right touch, home now thinking I'd better get on with the guitar.

There's another storm coming in, the sky is quite overcast, but no rain as of yet. Tired, actually, maybe another nap before picking up that guitar.

And then something else before picking up the guitar?

Who knows? I can't even tell if I've got a tooth ache anymore.

Later still. I somehow got hooked again going through some of the old Gay Pride Parade pictures, this time the black and white negatives. Again, the older film images were posted at a smaller size than I'm using now and, over the last couple of years, I've upgraded some of them. So again this afternoon I re-scanned some of the negatives, checked their dates against what I'd posted on artandlife and made some corrections, uploading maybe half a dozen pictures and salting away another two or three with the idea of adding another section of earlier black and white pictures at some point in the future. A sign of energy, at least, although I need to improve my scanning technique.

And avoiding your guitar practice.

Actually not. We got in quite a bit of practice, although I didn't play along with the music. Not sure why I avoid playing along with the music. My rationalization in the evenings is the neighbors, which works (sorta), but doesn't apply to the afternoons. But still, plenty of time on the guitar watching another Maigret episode followed by one of the Korean soaps. A somewhat painful balance of “painful to watch, interesting to watch” with the Korean soaps. Hard to say, at any given time, where the balance lies: ahead or behind.

Anyway, to bed before ten, the day has gone well.

This one was taken leaving the dentist's office this morning with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 50mm f 1.4 Nikkor G lens.