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April 10, 2012

Feel Better After
Tuesday. To bed before ten, which is good, we're making progress, up with the alarm and off to breakfast and back in the rain. They're saying rain pretty much through the week. A haircut later this morning at ten. We've done this in the rain before, just dress for the weather and be careful with the camera (cause the camera is coming along with us).

I developed a soreness in a back molar over the weekend, thinking, well, is that a part of the sinus upper palate-teeth thing doing its number or what? Running the tongue along the molar in question I noticed it seemed to have lost something from the inner side, a look in the mirror seemingly confirming that something was up. Great. So an appointment for tomorrow morning with the dentist. I wonder if it's one he's done in the past or one that was done decades ago. It's enamel, rather than gold, so I suspect it's one of his. Does enamel last as long as gold? Who knows? Who knows, with the price of gold, if anyone uses it for teeth anymore? Whatever, let's hope the ache watches its manners for another twenty-four hours.

Later. A bus downtown delivering me fifteen minutes early for the appointment, but my barber had arrived what was for her early too, so a haircut finishing in time to catch the ten-thirty bus back home, a kind of wham-bam thank you mam haircut, down and back without a single wasted minute in between. Which was nice, raining as it was, camera over my shoulder wrapped in a plastic bag. No pictures, but then again, the camera not getting wet. Seems a round about way to say I got the hair cut.

Back to see the coffee mugs I'd ordered had arrived in my absence, four of them, each with its own photograph. I got carried away last week. Four coffee mugs in three separate orders. I ordered two in the morning and realized I had yet another I wanted done. And then another to make it a total of four. No coffee in the apartment, haven't had any around in years, but I'm ready with mugs by Kodak if any should arrive.

Is there some secret meaning in any of that?

Just me rambling. I'd ordered a single cup, an eleven ounce cup, at the end of last month. These are fifteen ounce cups. Better the eleven ounce cup, these fifteens seem too big, although they display the photographs nicely. Rambing. As I said.

So, home to take a nap, up at noon now to play some guitar (hup! we're selling ourself on the idea by saying that: “up at noon now to play some guitar”). Still raining, looks like rain for the rest of the day, if not the rest of the week. We need the water. There, I said something positive, first time in a week.

We are indeed rambling here. Better to stop.

Later still. Some little guitar, we'll do more later, more than a little time spent on enlarging and adjusting some of the early Gay Pride pictures that were added at a time when the standard was for a smaller size. And the guy Photoshopping them then was making some odd judgements. Why? I have no idea. Why working with the earlier pictures this afternoon, not why the guy made those adjustments. So, life goes on. For some reason that back molar seems quiescent, but the sinus-upper palate thing is acting up. Maybe take another of these pain management pills. I don't do that very often. Not sure they work, but you seem to feel better after.

This one was taken at Lake Merritt last week with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.