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Solano Stroll vendor's masks
September 19th, 1999

I Need A Drink
Ah yes, Festa Italiana. I took pictures, but I'm not sure why. Jack London Square filled with people milling around buying the fried, double fried, deep fried dish of the day, buying the inevitable t-shirts, listening to the inevitable bands playing one hour sets, people nodding blankly as they were pitched to buy one of the $350k yachts floating in a row beside Kincaid's Restaurant. This is good, I think, but shooting pictures was impossible. Mind set, mind you, someone else, I'm sure, would have won a Pultizer in their first ten minutes. One thing about photography, there's always a photograph, but there isn't always a photographer inside the guy with the camera. High, ho. Back to the apartment. Mess around with this and some books that need arranging. Mind on numb, not complaining.

I helped two friends run a booth for two or three years running at the San Francisco The Solano Stroll parade Festa Italiana during the 1980's when I was in the wine business and they were trying to make their mortgage payment publishing a wine magazine for the restaurant trade. They were often sent Italian wines, good ones, to evaluate for their magazine and they'd save the extra bottles to sell at this event, selling wine for $3 to $5 a glass. Understand that these were good sized glasses of expensive wine and anyone buying it for resale would have had to charge the same price, it's just my friends got it free and could pocket the entire amount. I and two other friends volunteered to help, a contribution to the cause, and we had a good time talking up the crowd and checking out the other exhibits during breaks. There was a jury rigged wine bar at the Jack London event today and people were buying, although I didn't check their wines or their prices. Be nice to think someone else was financing another impossible adventure at $6 a pop.

Better to stop this now. I'm dry and I need a drink.

The photographs were taken at the Solano Stroll last Sunday.