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September 3rd, 1999

Garage Doors and Balconies
The weekend is here. So what am I doing this evening that I don't do every evening? Well, we'll check the movie schedule in the paper to see what's playing at the Grand Lake. Ah. Well, how about writing a journal entry and watching the talking heads on TV, the same thing I've done every Friday night now for as long as I can remember? Still, no work tomorrow, no work for another three days. If I wake up early, and I usually wake up early, I'll go buy groceries. Whoop!

I just talked with the woman who lives next door. She's on the local condominium board and it turns out she's the one who hooks my phone to the buzzer and gets my name on the mailbox. She suggested I stop my car whenever I entered or left to watch the garage door close behind me in the rear view mirror to make sure no one sneaks inside. Seems someone did that. I didn't ask to what purpose. I don't know if this is tell the new tenant boiler plate or the lady is paranoid or if this is a special problem here overlooking the downtown. My guess is new tenant boilerplate and yeah, this is always a problem, downtown or not. It was a problem in the place I left. OK. Not that difficult. She recommended I keep the balcony doors locked whenever I left as the owner of my unit was robbed when he left them open just after moving in. I lock the balcony doors. You learn this with computers and cameras, insured or not, city or not. Anyone out there live in a place where they don't lock their doors at night? In case of robbery? Or rape?

Well, three weeks in the new place. Seems nice with or without stories of people sneaking in through garage doors and balconies. Fewer boxes left to unpack. A blues festival tomorrow. Photographs.

The photographs were taken at the Berkeley Blues festival last weekend.