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Singer in the street outside PCB in Oakland.
September 1st, 1999

Stock Options
I know, I know, Wuss! Wuss! Wuss! Will it never end? He's leaking, but urine only and he seems to take his pills without protest. I have a "feeding your cat a pill" instruction sheet I received recently that I plan to post over the weekend. You may enjoy it. I enjoyed it. For now I'll wait until Monday to see if Wuss gets better. Still leaking and we go for sonograms. And diapers. And voodoo concoctions. And spells. This is war. I can hardly stand the excitement.

I went to a going away party for one of the managers at my company after work today, the one Another walk back from lunch. who was to interview candidates for the intranet webmaster job. The current rumor is they may move the intranet position under another manager's section which means the interviewing process can begin almost immediately and we won't have to wait until the beginning of next year for this to be resolved. If the position stays where it is now they will have to find and hire a new senior manager replacement and wait until he or she gets his or her feet on the ground before he/she can even think about the intranet, this maybe taking months in itself, except by the time the new manager starts thinking about hiring someone he or she will probably get drunk and drive to a motel after work with a C++ programmer on his or her lap, crashing into a container truck and putting the interviewing process off even longer, all of us who are still waiting to be interviewed having quit by then and taking jobs with the well known company to the west to live happily ever after on our stock options. A run on sentence faery tale with a happy ending.

Maybe that's part of the reason for the summer doldrums. I have no idea. I feel as if I'm becoming a worker drone with a doodlebug's ambition putting in his time day after day without accomplishment. Which is the Dilbert norm for general commerce, I guess, except I've always been an oddball who occasionally pulls off something slick and useful. I'm not too old for slick and useful. I'd like to do some more slick and useful. A little twist of the gears affair every now and then that makes it better in a graphically pleasing package. On the net. Fuck the stock options.

The fellow in the banner photograph is a member of a group that came serenading their way down the sidewalk outside of Pacific Coast Brewering Company in Oakland this evening, dancing with ladies at the front door and then playing their way into the distance. Have no idea what they're about. The dancer was photographed at the Berkeley Blues Festival on Sunday.