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September 16, 2016

Maybe So

Friday. To bed early again, lights out fairly early (again), awake at quarter to six. Still dark outside, but up in good fettle to walk to breakfast on an overcast morning, the air brisk but comfortable. One forty eight again on the scale so an avocado with Swiss cheese omelet for breakfast, not so much for the weight as for the fact I couldn't think of anything else the body was interested in eating. The plain waffle with fruit wouldn't have been a problem, but again, more calories needed than it would provide.

Home now, yesterdays entry edited and posted, a replacement hard drive due to arrive today and that piece to write. The same piece that was supposed to be written yesterday and the day before that. Laundry too. Fuck it, we'll break tradition and do both. All. Get with it.

Later. Front end of the Sheridan piece done, laundry done, folded and hung before heading out to hit an ATM so we can arrange something for lunch. Need to go by a supermarket later this weekend after breakfast, stop this frustration over eating out.

A bus to the Broadway ATM, missing the return bus by three minutes, the bus I'd taken running five to six minutes late. Such is life. A walk back to the apartment, the temperature in the mid-seventies, I in a t-shirt. Picked up an ice cream sandwich from the 7-11 look-alike, but that seems to have been all the energy I was willing to spend on finding lunch.

Tired when I set out for the ATM, more muscles tired than anything else. Which seemed a bit odd as I haven't really done anything that involves physical effort recently. More tired when I got home. Doesn't look good for accomplishing anything more for the rest of the afternoon.

Evening. The external hard drive unit arrived around noon and I let it sit on the table beside the computer monitor for the while. OK, finally opened the thing to figure out how to set it up to discover it had some interesting differences from the other units I've bought and installed from this vendor. It's working now, but moving files from the old failed unit will have to wait until tomorrow.

Watched Democracy Now. Well, it was playing in the background for most of the hour, actually sitting and watching it for no more than ten minutes. I spent most of the time distracted in front of the computer, although I made progress on writing the Sheridan piece.

Listened to a pundit describe his thoughts on the Donald with Charlie Rose for half an hour at eight. I find this Trump 24x7 reality we're living in bizarre, but then I suspect so does most everyone else. Or does most everyone else? Times are weird, are they not? The Donald?

Times have always been weird. Can it be you're just now finding out?

Maybe so. There's probably value in living a life not paying attention to the fact, worrying about the reality of the various swords that hang over our collective heads. Spending too much time worrying would soon drive you nuts, but life is indeed really weird. Maybe so.

The photo up top was taken Saturday at the National Police Strike demonstration at Latham Square with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.