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Here In Oakland

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September 15, 2016


Thursday. Lights out early again, but a fairly smooth night's rest, awakening finally at just after six to get up and get out the door feeling reasonably good for an old sock, walking to breakfast on what looked as if it would be a sunny morning once the sun got up over the hill line and burned away the clouds. Another nice day in Oakland.

Back from breakfast, the sinus-upper palate acting up, not happy with that, but not unusual, to then edit yesterday's entry and post it to the web, discovering one or two glitches that should have been caught, if not yesterday, then this morning, yet slipped right on through. Picture captions that put them at the Oakland Pride Festival rather than at the Police Strike demonstration, for example. Why hadn't I caught them? The brain just in a different place? Another chalk mark on the memory blackboard list.

Ah, well. The sun is out, a second dose of the pain meds has been taken (we'll see how it deals with the sinuses-upper palate) and the day ahead. I should do laundry and need to write those paragraphs for the Sheridan book. We'll know how we do with the both of them soon enough.

Later. The second dose of pain meds doesn't seem to have had an effect and so a slow morning entering now into a slow afternoon. Hi, ho. Into this 21st Century we go. (Not volunteering to stop “going”, you understand. Just the usual bitching.) Haven't started the laundry. Maybe tomorrow. We still have clean clothes, but we're getting closer to the bottom of the drawer(s). Still haven't started the Sheridan piece, but we'll do that later. We will. We have to. Really.

Later still. Approaching three and the sinuses are better, the attitude has climbed along beside it, so we're thinking maybe stick our nose outside and see what all the sunshine is about. I could eat something, although I'm not sure what. On the scale at one forty-eight, this morning. I keep saying it's too low and I keep allowing it to move lower still. Life is strange debating this.

Today is the Autumn Moon Festival and I've eaten a Moon Cake to celebrate. Well, I'd have eaten it in any case, a gift from one of the waitresses at my morning restaurant. Quite good. Small, came in a store bought plastic package, but I'm thinking I haven't had one before. I was thinking she'd given me one in the past, but this one was quite different if I've had one in the past. So I'll remember it again next year if remembering is still in the cards.

And what (we're still putting off that writing)? I had one of the external hard drive arrays I use to backup photographs fail earlier this week, the array unit itself and not the mirrored hard drives inside, so I have another larger, later model arriving tomorrow. Which means, if I'm up to it, transferring the files to the new drive, yes, but also initiating much needed cleanup around the computer. A task like these recent ones I've been avoiding? We'll know tomorrow.

Don't we really know right now?

I'm not willing to give up. Yet.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now, was thinking about watching Inspector Lynley, but found I was interested in watching Charlie Rose interview Maureen Dowd instead, and so stuck with it for a good half hour before going to bed. And those tasks I've been talking about getting done today? Without fail? Hello?

The photo up top was taken Saturday at the National Police Strike demonstration at Latham Square with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.