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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 7, 2016


Wednesday. Lights out before ten to awaken at twenty past six, feeling a little slow on the uptake, but getting up easily enough to then walk to breakfast, the mood brightening just fine in the process. The plain waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries for breakfast. Just couldn't get my head around the idea of having anything else from the menu.

Checked the phone battery before heading out the door and then after getting back to the apartment: ninety-six percent. It's lost four percent of its charge in the last twenty-four hours. It had lost over fifty-five percent yesterday during a less than two hour breakfast and so something's obviously going on. We'll cross our fingers and hope the new battery arrives before it craps out. If it's going to crap out. Today, maybe, when the new version 7 phone is announced?

One or two things to do here at the apartment, nothing to photograph I'm aware of going on anywhere close by. They're saying a high of eighty today and so maybe it's a good day to stay inside. That said I'll undoubtedly take a multi-mile hike to somewhere crazy and then bitch about it at length.

Someone's just run out of gas.

Later. Weather Underground says it reached eighty-eight degrees earlier and I believe it, particularly when it's combined with sinuses and another one of the ocular-like, but not quite-like episodes. Nothing over the top, but that's because we spent an hour lying down watching the little sparkly thing form and then pass. Ah well. Episodes such as these seem to lead us to babble instead of shutting up.

A walk to the burger drive-in to pick up a grilled chicken sandwich. Hungry enough to finally follow through after the light breakfast. We can use the calories. Hungry or not, the stomach felt queasy getting it down. Just a bit, not really complaining, just, you know, babbling on.

Watched some Law and Order episodes, finding I'd seen two of them before, but watched them anyway. As usual I had no clue as to who, what, when or why. I suspect, given a few months, I'll end up watching more than one of them again.

Evening. The sound of drums drifting over from the lake as it approaches eight, louder for having the balcony door and screen wide open, now that it's cooler outside.

Basically a day of sitting, not moving, watching television to include Democracy Now, at least parts of it. More episodes of Law & Order, although one or two of the episodes were real clinkers. Still, on a warm humid day, clinker or not, maybe best to just sit and vegetate. And say thanks that the day's earlier ocular funkiness has passed.

The photo up top was taken approaching Merritt Station, a café near the fitness center, walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.