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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 6, 2016

As We Write

Tuesday. Lights out by ten to awaken at just after six, getting on the scale at one-fifty point two pounds. Point two pounds. Interesting how that somehow becomes important when you're following your weight day in and day out. Point two. Can't be that important a subject in this culture of ours certainly. What?

What the hell: up and out the door on another clear day, going to be sunny by the time I'm walking home. A mushroom and cheddar cheese omelet this morning, throwing caution to the wind for reasons I don't understand, but I do it more often than I should. Haven't had an ocular incident, a real one anyway, in what seems to be quite some time, so we're testing. As good a rationalization as any.

The leaves have been falling off the oak trees now for a while, took a picture to document it after passing a guy out on the sidewalk with a leaf blower clearing them from the line of stores and cafés along Grand below my building. So just like that we've entered into the fall.

Have no plans for the day, other than we will get outside for one reason or another and go someplace or another. Won't suggest how ambitious the where as every time I do so I stay inside. Working on it, but not very hard it seems, here in Oakland.

We're drifting here.

Later. When I headed out to breakfast this morning I'd checked the battery charge on the phone and it had read fifty some odd percent, having lost half its charge since recharging yesterday and so was surprised when I got back to find it was dead. Zero percent. OK, best I'd ordered a replacement over the weekend, the battery company (through Amazon) saying it had been shipped this morning.

Anyway, set out on a downtown bus after recharging the battery to one hundred percent again before leaving and was similarly surprised to see it holding when I'd returned an hour or more later, still holding at one hundred percent. Go figure. I can't.

Decided to skip getting off at the Latham Square stop and got off the bus at 12th Street instead to have a tuna on a bagel sandwich and an apple juice at an outside table in the City Center. Why the bagel shop at the start of a crowded noon hour in the City Center, I don't know, but that's what I ended up doing. The sun bright, the temperature good, finishing and then walking up Broadway to the 20th Street bus stop, taking but one photograph as I walked through Latham Square. Just one picture.

When's the last time I've eaten at the City Center? Been a while. Felt OK, no ocular effects from this morning's breakfast, but still, the usual “felt OK the minute I got out the door” hadn't kicked immediately in and whether or not to take the bus was still a question right up to the point it appeared. Went straight home from Broadway and 20th, got off at my stop and returned to the apartment. And that's been it. Not good, not bad, not feeling crabby, but close.

Evening. Another slow afternoon and evening. Time on the tablet, less time on television, some time skating around the web. Watched Democracy Now, watched the first half or so of Charlie Rose, finished a Japanese movie and then a Korean movie on the tablet. A conversation with the sister on a legal matter we've both been putting off.

Oh, and the phone is saying it's charged one hundred percent. This since this morning. I'm worried it's hosed as, at its best, it's never displayed one hundred percent for this length of time, particularly after making and receiving phone calls and such. Oh. Just checked again. Ninety-eight percent. The ground is shifting as we write.

The photo up top was taken walking home along Grand from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.