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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 4, 2016


Sunday. To bed early, lights out early to awaken somewhat late at six-thirty this morning, up to get ready and then realize I'd set out without the car keys as I was entering the garage. Back to the apartment to retrieve the keys, remembering the last time I'd done this. Well, remember I'd done it before.

At least the sky was clear, the morning papers were interesting over a bacon, eggs and country potatoes breakfast. Why bacon (two strips instead of four, cured meats are high on the to be avoided list) I can't say, but I'd decided, by the time I'd finished, that the plain waffle with sliced fruit would probably have been the better choice. Six of one, half a dozen of another and thus the day has begun.

Later. Another slow day. A nap of sorts, lying down for an hour, a walk then over to the lake to see if anything might be going on at the white column pergola to find a single drummer and maybe a dozen or so people scattered about on benches, a fewer than usual string of people walking and running the lake. Nothing to keep me there.

I'd taken a couple of pictures of sparrows from too great a distance, in one case the exposure and in another the focus just out of kilter. Thought to get an ice cream sandwich and coffee at the café by the fitness center, but then remembered it was closed on Sundays and so headed back to the apartment. I was thinking a grilled chicken sandwich again, but when passing, the crossing light turned green as I approached Grand and I crossed the street instead of continuing on to the burger drive-in. Interesting to watch this happen, more as an observer than as a participant.

Another nap or attempt at a nap while listening to a Giants game on the radio. A fair amount of “nap time” this day, but then it seems to be becoming the norm.

You say you need to find things to do. Why don't you?

I do, but not enough, I guess, to start seriously looking. It's now late in the afternoon, maybe look for something to watch on the tablet.

Evening. Nothing nearby I'm aware of or even not so nearby to photograph this three day weekend. Maybe one or two things tomorrow, something in conjunction with next week's Pride Parade is scheduled over at the lake and there's a Hip Hop festival/concert not far from Jack London Square, so we may still find something to photograph before the weekend is over.

Again a slow day: some time on the tablet, some time on the usual web sites, all this seemingly of less interest lately or - we've been thinking - less interesting from here on out. As in we need to move on to other things, online or elsewhere. But these are idle thoughts, time for bed, we'll undoubtedly pick up on them again tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.