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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 3, 2016

Other Words

Saturday. A decent night's sleep. Pretty sure, anyway. Awake at twenty after six to get up and head out to breakfast on an overcast morning. They're saying warmer over the weekend, although the overcast seems to be holding pretty well as it approaches ten.

Ran across this thing parked along Grand as I was walking home. Could have had a better lens on the camera to document it properly, but an indication stuff is going on around here, some of which you might assume will develop into something interesting in the future. Not sure I want one of them, but interesting none the less. Maybe all this gentrification going on has a purpose.

What does that mean?

Means we were upbeat more than not walking home from breakfast, another photograph playing with the exposure setting. We're lazy, but we do focus. Now and then. Here in Oakland.

Later. A walk to the lake and on to the Farmers Market, passing a fairly large group of people listening to the same drummer who's been set up there now for a number of weeks across from the elevated highway. There's been some comment on the local NextDoor web site about the noise, apartment residents who live across the street complaining about the noise of the drums on Saturdays while others, some also residents, saying the lake area has always supported drumming on weekends.

A quick walk through the Farmers Market to buy and eat a waffle square with whipped cream on top (not a sensible/healthful calorie in it) and then back by the white column pergola to find another group of drummers demonstrating in support. My, my. I can usually hear them from my apartment, but I'm far enough away that they aren't all that loud and, if they were, I suspect I'd be supporting them too. But I can see, if the right arguments, I might not. Lots of space around the lake farther from people's residences.

You're sounding a bit wishy-washy there.

I do.

Evening. Television, mostly. Thought about plugging in the guitar, but managed to avoid it over the late afternoon and evening. Didn't want to watch the various interviews offered on Charlie Rose and the two other public television stations were continuing to raise money with programgs that didn't appeal. Another day in the life, in other words.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Oakland Chinatown StreetFest with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.