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September 23, 2014

Everything Does

Tuesday. To bed with the lights out before ten. Well, somewhat after ten. Up with the alarm starting a little slowly, but soon hitting my stride and feeling pretty good was my first (or second) coherent thought. OK, off to breakfast and back, another two cent drop in the price of gas, back to finish yesterday's entry, work on the Folsom Street photographs (the photographs themselves are now done, just the thumbnails and web pages outstanding) and then take a bath.

Up now to maybe take a nap before we start the day, get the web pages done - hup! - and figure out what to do with a morning that started with a clear sky and a warm (soon to be warmer) sun. The Science section in the Times was devoted to articles on climate change this morning. I've been faulting the press for not covering the climate march in New York (let alone in the local papers here in Oakland), but the Times seems to have done a decent job for once. We have time, we'll finish reading it (probably in bed). Hup!

Later. A walk over to the local post office to mail a birthday card and then a walk on to the ice cream shop for two scoops in a cup: mango and vanilla chocolate chip. Fortified, I then walked on to the ATM over on Lakeshore thinking easier to do it now than tomorrow or later. Already more than halfway there, sensible to go by the ATM, although there were parts of me that didn't want to do any more walking with the temperature ramping up.

Back to the apartment to take pictures of the construction site, a new vantage point having opened up where they've removed their fence allowing a different and better overview of their progress, then on to finish the photographs for the Folsom Street Fair taking the rest of the afternoon. Glad they're done. I've still not decided, but for whatever reason they seem to have turned out well. A strange scene, the Folsom Street Fair, but it does produce arresting pictures.

Evening. A long day spent in Lightroom and Photoshop, nice to put it aside. Nothing on television and so to bed (again) with the tablet to watch whatever. Watching whatever is always a mix of interesting stuff with periods of crap, served up in whatever television series or movie I've never heard of before. Which is my norm anymore. I suspect I've changed rather than the entertainment has changed. Still, no complaints.

No complaints? Are you serious?

I actually don't think of them as complaints, more observations as we travel through the fading light. As we start to understand the reality of something like “fading light” (not to be overly dramatic, which we are). Haven't seen any of this before and, as such, I find it instructive and not a little interesting. Not something you pay attention to when you're young.

Sounds like B.S. to me.

Most everything does, does it not?

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.