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Here In Oakland

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September 18, 2014


Thursday. Slept in half an hour late, but up feeling no worse or better for the fact, off to breakfast on an overcast morning. They were saying some chance of rain, but I was still surprised to see a real downpour that lasted some minutes as I was sitting over breakfast. Fed the meter twice, after it didn't produce a ticket when I'd fed it cash the first time - these things happen, no need to be upset - back to the apartment again still running that half hour late. Thus is life.

Finished yesterday's post and then moved the fan into the bedroom to lie down on the bed and listen to the news for a while, interested in what was happening with the Scotland vote. Their poles close at one or two this afternoon our time. Why I'm interested, well, I don't know. Know little about Scotland, but their's is not the only secession movement in our time and it seems to be resonating with people worldwide. Probably good to let it happen as long as you don't have well armed expansionist next door neighbors.

Later. A walk over to the construction site around noon thinking I was hungry and could walk down the way to maybe get a sandwich at the Coffee With A Beat café which meant I could get in the progress pictures at the site and lunch in one go. So far everyone seems to be happy enough with me taking pictures.

On to the 7-11 look-alike, decided against going on to the café, and picked up an ice cream bar and a packet of chipotle peanuts. Lots of calories in those peanuts. Back to take one last picture and then to the bedroom to lie down and listen to more news in front of the fan. Still too warm, can't imagine what people are putting up with to the south.

And so the rest of the afternoon. A delivery from Amazon, an Italian pasta, the little helmet shaped thingies, enough to last me three months. Another reason to skip going by Safeway. I suspect I could get them for less if I were to buy them by the case or go to one of the big volume supermarkets, but I don't seem to have the ambition or the intelligence.

Do you really have a diet, as such? I mean one that's nutritious, one that would be recognized by, say, any food organization out there trying to improve the American diet?

Probably not, but then again, probably not all that bad. Except for the vegetables. Lots of fruit, but not enough vegetables.

Evening. Ah, well. Another humid and warm day dodging them both by lying down with a fan at the foot of the bed to watch whatever on a tablet. Must be spring or fall in the Bay Area because it is indeed warm for this particular complainer about the weather and the temperature.

How to people who really experience hot weather handle it? I remember as a teenager in the New York summer being outside in ninety-nine degree heat with ninety-nine percent humidity and not liking it, certainly (if memory serves) liking it a good deal less than I am with my complaints here today (and evening).

Bitch, bitch.

And so, on a warm but pleasant enough with an electric fan for company evening, another entry has been completed!

The photo up top was taken at Oaklavia last Sunday with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.