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September 17, 2014

Will As Well

Wednesday. Watched more of Blacklist on the tablet last night, a series I'd never heard of before (not unusual for one of my particular habits), before turning out the lights by ten and sleeping straight through except for the getting up twice in the night to take a leak. I'm afraid that's the future for whatever future there be. Still, seem to have awakened before the alarm by fifteen minutes to get up and head out the door with plenty of energy. A little foggy at first, but plenty of energy and clear headed soon enough.

Home to finish and post yesterday's entry, not much going on in yesterday's entry or, for that matter, any of the prior entries and then take a bath, the second bath in three days. I've been thinking every other day for baths for a while, see if it makes any difference.

As in what? How you smell?

As in how the hair behaves. Seems to not go in every direction when it's been recently washed.

A walk soon after to take the usual group of pictures over at the construction site. A fair number of things going on, but less visible, less easy to identify and document. We'll not lose sleep over it.

Later. Funny, hard to get me out the door unless I have a reason. Doesn't have to be a particularly compelling reason, any old reason seems to do the trick, and so out the door and downtown on the bus to pick up a prescription refill and then check Radio Shack to see if they carried the small coin sized camera batteries that are used to power the camera clocks. The manual says replace them after two years for some and after four years for others, depending on the model, and I have five that are now well out of date.

Why not just wait to order until they fail? We're talking about clocks. Date-time stamps. Who cares if you end up with a few photographs that don't contain the time and the date?

Because I'm anal about the photo stuff. Anyway, Radio Shack wanted something like twenty dollars (plus tax) for the batteries I needed and, remembering they were advertised for half that price on Amazon, I decided to return home and buy them online. I'm afraid I'm definitely one of those people who are driving a stake through the Radio Shack heart.

Not to mention the book stores.

Not to mention the book stores.

Evening. Television, tablet, television. Seems we're doing quite a bit more of this lately. Not spending as much time spent out walking, the pictures devolving into snapshots taken at a construction site. Ah, well. Stuff happens. The world turns.

To bed early. A decent day, better, however, than these last many days. Maybe we're on a roll for the better and all this television-tablet nonsense will solve itself and morph into something better. Shouldn't be assuming that if a day goes badly, the next will as well.



The photo up top was taken this at the Solano Stroll with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.