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September 30, 2012

My, My
Sunday. A clear morning starting with every indication they may be right about the temperatures we'll be having later this afternoon, up into the low nineties. Nice way to start, though, the temperature just fine right now, the light bright, the day starting.

Up without having set the alarm at seven, off to breakfast and back by nine, another photograph of the pandoreas because I didn't have the imagination to try something different. The exposure looks good, although the lens didn't want to focus the first time I pressed on the button. Came right around, but still, something to nag at you when you're shooting.

Probably best to get in a walk now, maybe head downtown as there's not so many people and traffic maybe. Maybe, maybe. Still, it's one often successful way to get myself started.

Later. A good hour's nap where I did indeed get to sleep for an hour, up feeling a bit groggy, but better. I think. Better around here is gets harder to determine anymore.

Anyway, out the door in shirt sleeves on this sunny day, a picture or two of the now striped parking lot down at the corner, the camera-lens contacts functioning properly, the bus not due for twenty minutes so a walk over to the lake to sit and ponder the price of potatoes and the moon's evolving color. On to the morning café for coffee and ice cream? That didn't really appeal so I sat and watched the people passing: walking, running, skate boarding by on their way to wherever. Interesting variety of shapes and sizes, ages and attitudes, books and electronic devices when you're pondering potatoes and the mid-day moon in June September.

So, finally deciding not to walk on to the café, I crossed the street and took a picture of the old Gold's Gym, now Fitness SF. A group of four Gold's Gym franchises in the area left the fold and changed their name when they learned the CEO of the gym's parent company had made donations to Karl Rove's American Crossroads which in turn had contributed heavily to anti-gay candidates for Congress as well as to Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage initiative, something I learned well after the fact when the signs were changed. We certainly do live in interesting times.

A walk back to the bus stop thinking I'd take the bus downtown, but deciding there was nothing I wanted to conceive for me to see downtown, I walked back up the hill to find myself sitting here. Dear, oh, dear.

Dear, oh, dear?

Not much enthusiasm for the day and the life at the moment, I'm afraid. One of those dips in the up's and down's of one's daily existence. I hope, anyway. Nothing too permanent. It is quite a bit warmer out there now in the mid-afternoon. Returning to the apartment in those shirt sleeves I was thinking better to be wearing a t-shirt, probably too warm for a t-shirt out there now if the prognostications have turned out to be true. The low nineties, anyway. Blistering weather for an Oaklander.

You could stick your nose out and see.

As I said we're in something of a low energy funk, not enough ambition to get up, challenge the fates and open a window. The local Internet weather report says ninety-one in out there in Oakland at the moment, with lower temperatures projected to be in the high eighties tomorrow. We'll stick our nose out tomorrow.

Evening. A shortened evening. Enough time on the guitar, I think, but nothing on television I wanted to stretch the envelope for, so to bed around nine. My, my.

The photo up top was taken at the Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.