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September 29, 2012

To Bed Early
Saturday. Awake and up at six-thirty, better than yesterday by a good margin, off and back from breakfast at just after eight. So good. I did read in the Chronicle this morning it's the Americas World Series Cup that is being run next week while I'm out of town, not the Americas Cup itself that still has another year before it takes place. It was fairly obvious this morning when reading that the Oracle boat was out on its first ever test run yesterday. A bit difficult to test a squintillion dollar one of a kind racing boat for a first time just a week before it's due to enter the race. A sign I've not been following the thing all that closely.

They're saying we're due for a three day hot spell, proclaiming this a spare the air day before its even started. OK. Overcast at the moment, looks not a lot different than it did yesterday morning, although I guess it's going to clear up much earlier than it did yesterday and up the ozone. They say ozone gets to the old and the young. I haven't been aware of any effects in the past, but then I'm not out running the lake on spare the air days. I'm not out there running the lake on regular old let the air take care of itself days either, haven't since I was a college student getting ready to go into the army.

You ran around a lake to get ready for the army?

Green Lake in Seattle. I was not in the best of physical shape and I had a date in hand when they were going to take me into the army and send me to a place where running and jumping and climbing and digging were important. As a brand new shiny gold bar Second Lieutenant, but a slow brand new shiny gold bar Second Lieutenant who will go down even more quickly than an out of shape private if he's not quick and nimble. So I was running around a lake in the evenings. Haven't run any damned lakes since.

Later. An hour or so's nap, yes, we were ready for that. A walk then along the lake over through the farmers market to the morning café for ice cream and coffee, the tables full both inside and outside on the patio, so when I found a table I ordered and then didn't linger. Best the morning café not turn customers away because I was hogging a table lest they should up and fold in this economy. It would be hard to find a replacement.

Otherwise the day stumbles forward. The weather has warmed up, but nothing like the ninety degree temperatures they're projecting for San Francisco tomorrow and Monday, San Francisco is always somewhat cooler than Oakland and far cooler than the towns over the hills to the east. One last blast of heat, perhaps, before the fall?

I admit I'm dragging. Maybe another nap and then the guitar. Nothing happening in the area that I've found scheduled to photograph and I suspect I've taken enough pergola pictures to last through the century, so we'll make due with running some of the Folsom Fair stuff up top.

Later still. Floating along. A walk across to the lake to sit for a bit just to get out of the apartment for a few minutes, taking a picture of the parking lot down on the corner by my bus stop just because.

The camera failed to take two pictures, blowing the exposure, and I suspect I need to clean the lens to camera electrical contacts. I've had this trouble in the past. The lens (the 24-70mm) is one I use quite a bit of the time and it's the common element in these failures, not the cameras. We'll see if a cleaning is the fix, otherwise I'll have to keep an eye on it while photographing the wedding next week.

Evening. The lens and camera contacts looked as if they needed cleaning. We'll see how the new “no longer look like they need cleaning” contacts perform tomorrow. Miserable selection of bumpf on television tonight, so perhaps we get to bed early.

The photo up top was taken at the Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.