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September 27, 2012

Until Morning
Thursday. Yesterday's entry was a bit disjointed, but this is all too common anymore, so maybe best not to mention it. To bed early, though, to sleep I'm sure before ten, up this morning with the alarm and then off and back from breakfast. The day is overcast, but they're saying sun later, so the cycle seems to hold.

I did have a lunch planned with Ms. R this noon hour, but we canceled out and rescheduled, so the day is clear and I think the plan for the moment is to slip in a nap. Nothing to be concerned about, probably a way for me to avoid doing the laundry until tomorrow, I try to be subtle about it. And I'm not nearly out of socks.

Later. I did lie down for a while, felt good, didn't go to sleep, but sleep isn't really necessary for a recharge. Up after maybe an hour to head out for somewhere to be decided, the bus downtown had already passed when I reached Grand, but the bus heading in the opposite direction toward the morning café was arriving just as I crossed to the other side, so a bus to the café for coffee (and a bun), another bus back then to the apartment. I debated all the way whether or not to stay on the bus and get off at the City Center, but I'd just had coffee and, well, exited on automatic pilot at the apartment stop. Nice bright sun though, felt like fall, the air nice, just a bit cool.

So what to do? Don't want to go grocery shopping, although that would be a good plan given the state of my larder. I'll pick some stuff up tomorrow after the guitar lesson, the one time I seem to be reliably up for it. I could go downtown. I've already spent too much time online, nothing to keep me at the computer (other than this). I haven't had an urge for a drink.

I said sometime back (how long back was that?) I was going to skip drinking for a month after what I thought was probably an alcohol induced ocular migraine, but haven't thought much about it since, so a run to a liquor store doesn't seem right. An odd state to be in for me I'd think (if I were thinking).

Guitar, of course, but it's too early yet for guitar by about an hour. I need to play along with the recorded music, something I seem to avoid for what I say are more logistical reasons than anything else. I'm kidding myself, of course, but there's some truth to it. Enough to use as an excuse. Jack London Square? Something? We'll see, the day isn't over yet.

Later still. I often sit here recounting my efforts to decide to go here or to go there, today I did it in a kind of odd route much like walking through a maze. Down to Grand, but no bus; a walk over to the lake (taking my time) to sit like a lump for a bit. Did I want to pick up a chicken meal at KFC? I don't go by KFC much anymore as chicken (along with half of what I once liked to eat) no longer interests me very much, not for any calorie-fried-wholesome eat better reason, but because it really just doesn't sit well, so this thought to have some chicken was a little different than I've had in a fair while.

So, a walk back to the bus stop thinking I'd catch the bus downtown, go by the ATM, find something to eat down there and then return, but I missed the bus by a minute, watching it come by as I was waiting to cross on the light across the street. OK, maybe back to the apartment, but decided no, I'd head back and see where I'd go. The convenience store for a sandwich? No. Didn't want to do that.

Finally a walk to the morning restaurant (surprise) to have a patty melt (I eat these about as often as I visit KFC), strawberry ice cream and water, no lemonade or coffee for some reason. OK. Done. A bus back to the apartment. Hence my comment the body (not directed by the mind) was walking through a maze of its own making.

Maybe it's the meat in that patty melt that's kicked in, maybe the day has kicked in, maybe the strawberry ice cream is the culprit, but the head seems clearer, the eyes seem brighter and I've made headway in clearing up the desk by paying off all the bills. So the day has started at three in the afternoon. Good.

We'll heat up the guitar, listen to the news and spend our evening as we spend all of our evenings, watching something wretched on TV. Wretched, but obviously absorbing, I fully understand who turned it on and picked the channel. Who doesn't subsribe to cable. Who doesn't watch movies. And besides, there's a new modern day Sherlock Holmes debuting on CBS later at ten with Lucy Liu as Dr. Watson (I kid you not). Ms. Liu as Watson sounds OK with me.

Evening. I did stumble along until ten to watch this new Sherlock Holmes series on CBS - a bit over the frenetic top, but watchable none the less - and got to bed after eleven. The only saving grace was the amount of time I spent on the guitar, so all was not lost. Until morning.

The photo up top was taken at the Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.