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September 26, 2012

On The Good Side
Wednesday. I did get to sleep after nine and awoke this morning without the alarm at eight, so however yesterday may have gone (and I claim to not having felt particularly tired), last night we probably got more than enough rest. I think. I'm not quite so sure what the rules are anymore.

Anyway, up, moving slowly, a walk to the morning café to have breakfast over the papers, taking my time without having to think about the meters, a walk then back feeling OK, but the mechanism still slow, as if it were still coming up from last night's rest. What the hell, another hour or two and everything will be in place (please), a good part of the day still ahead.

Some futzing with yesterday's journal entry, going back and fixing misplaced photographs after I'd posted, the brain obviously not quite in gear when I'd put them up, although I'm still saying the day seemed OK and worth commenting that it was at the time.

Anyway, the Folsom Street pictures from the weekend are posted, we have a guitar lesson coming this Friday to prepare for and, I discover in reading the papers, the America's Cup races are being held during the period I'll be at my cousin's son's wedding in Los Angeles next week. Would I have photographed the races? I might. I can see many too many reasons why I'd have not, but I might. Really.

Better the wedding.

No question: better the wedding! Hup!

Later. Feels much as it did yesterday afternoon having just returned after setting out for the downtown to perhaps probably sit in the City Center over a cup of coffee, discovering the bus was running twenty minutes late and so walking farther down to the local convenience store to buy an ice cream cone, eating it on the way back to the apartment. A somewhat funky day today, but an OK funky today, similar to yesterday. Hey.

We'll read our news blogs and listen to the news now for the rest of the afternoon as we get in a good long practice session on the guitar (hup!). We seem to be holding together, but only together enough to take on the day from here inside the apartment and thereby squandering an excellent (after about eleven in the morning) sunny day and any potential for stumbling across a swell photograph. Certainly this is a first for me before in Oakland.

That's enough.

It is, it is, but it serves as a nice segue to “now where's that guitar”?

Maybe more clever to do a riff on “Careful with That Axe, Eugene”.

A touch too clever, even for those very few who remember the Ummagumma double album. I remember the title, but not the song without hearing the first few bars.

Evening. At least they replaced Don Mateo with something equally uninteresting at six, following along with an Australian police procedural at seven I find I will watch, although the Australian accent could use subtitles. Still, I got most of what they were saying, had some semblance of an idea what the thing was about. Not great, but interesting for being unique, so no complaints. Not but the one, anyway, given what I've just said.

I think your evening is obviously done.

Indeed. A good day on the guitar I'd say, so we'll score it on the good side.

The photo up top was taken at the Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.