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September 18, 2012

Where It Goes
Tuesday. OK, up with the alarm. I thought about it for a while after turning it off - should I, could I? - fall back to sleep if I tried? I probably didn't try very hard, so up on this overcast morning to head off and back from breakfast and the papers, home now in pretty good shape.

No bitching and moaning in the first paragraph?

Plenty of time and space left for that.

Let's see how the day goes. There are tasks that I've had underway now for some time that are close to completion, maybe one or two of them will resolve today. Nothing earth shaking in the scheme of things, but earth shaking enough around here.

Later. An interesting day, so far I'd say, a bus downtown to sit in the City Center over a cup of coffee around eleven to watch the people walk by, testing the vision by looking into the distance and then closer in, the double vision going in and out: the farther away, the better, the closer in the more spread out. This only lasted for a while, but still, probably not what you want to see on a late morning in Oakland.

But again, no great shakes, it comes, it goes. A walk back then along Broadway stopping at the statue where Telegraph branches off from Broadway, a fixture of sorts I've not really walked over to look at or take its picture in quite a while. Nothing spectacular, but interesting none the less, a sign the head was in gear and looking for images.

A bus at Grand near Broadway to arrive home around noon or just after, the sky clear, the sun bright (god in her heaven, the news at seven: the infidels in flight).

We're never sure if that's a sign you're in a good mood or the screws have come loose and the pieces are starting to part.

Let's go for the moment with mood and say the day has had a decent start.

Later still. I broke a D string while practicing earlier - no big deal, they do break - and restrung the guitar, tuning it and then going through the lesson. I was surprised at how much better the sound. There is a difference, you do need to restring your guitar fairly often. It's pretty much automatic to restring before a gig (not that I'm playing any gigs), but again, I was surprised at how both the sound and the string flex had changed, looser, softer, easier to bend. Some part of it could easily be me projecting, but not all, not by a yard.

Are you sure you hadn't just turned the volume up on the amp and you could hear it a little more clearly?


Anyway, a call from Macy's just now to schedule the delivery of the new recliners for the living room. Not until the second of next month, unfortunately - or fortunately, as I need to get rid of the old stuff before they arrive - but now the die is cast, the date is set and the revolution has begun. I suspect my life has needed a bit of revolution so we'll see how it decides to unfold. I do hope I like the damned things when they arrive, they look pretty good in the pictures.


True, but sometimes you do what you must to get a revolution up and running. Takes time and the occasional kick in the pants, it does, and I speak from experience.

Evening. Ah, Tuesday, the Maigret at six in the evening day of the week. I suspect I'll have seen it, but that somehow doesn't matter, we'll sit reading the captions and play along on the guitar. Mostly. Unless we don't.

The day and now the evening has gone well here in Dingle Dell, we'll get to bed early again and see where it goes.

The photo up top was taken at the Solano Stroll with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.